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Minimum wage now GHS 18.3 for 2024 in Ghana

The minimum wage is now GHS 18.3 for 2024 in Ghana

minimum wage 22%

Minimum wage by 22%, resulting in a new minimum wage of GHS 18.3024, up from GHS 14.88.

This means that every worker in Ghana is entitled to a minimum monthly payment of GHS 18.3024, effective from January 1st, 2024 to 31st December 2024.

base Pay for Public Sector salary is 23% Single Spine Salary Structure for Public Sector Workers / GES First Tranche 23 % Calculation in Ghana

The minimum wage is now GHS 18.3 for 2024 in Ghana per day.

Other Countries will have their minimum wage per Hour but the Minimum wage in Ghana is for a day’s job.

How to calculate minimum wage in Ghana

To calculate the Minimum wage, multiple the number of days worked by 18.3 to get the minimum. Employers will be prosecuted if they pay workers less than the daily minimum wage rate of GHS 18.3.

Ghana minimum wage in Dollars

You can easily calculate Ghana’s minimum wage in US Dollars,

Divide the GHS 18.3 / by the USD current Rate, the USD Rate changes in minutes and hours, the Bank of Ghana and other Banks in the country Updates this on Daily basis.

Check the rate from a named Bank eg GCB Dollar Exchange Rate today, Click on the link to see the Current and Accurate Dollar Rate.

Eg 18.3 / 11.90 = $ 1.54 as the minimum wage in dollars. Note, use Today’s Rate to convert.


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