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Manager of seekersnewsgh.com Peter Nubuor Djangmah

Peter N. Djangmah is a Senior High school Teacher, Employee of Ghana Education Service. He is also a Master Trainer by NaCCA (National Council for Curriculum and Assessment) on the New Common Core Curriculum Program. It is difficult for new teachers to get accurate information hence he provides them with the most accurate information.

Most of Our students also find it difficult to choose university programmes to pursue, For this reason, He has created A page known as the Tertiary Admissions and Updates 

Under this category we have

Cut-off Points for the Various Universities 

List of Academic Programmes 

Courses Outline thus Courses under each chosen University Programme

How to Apply to the University 

Students Session

We also have the students for whom we have provided sessions for various lessons and Past questions For Students

Integrated Science Lessons SHS

Biology Lessons and Questions SHS

Physics Lessons and Questions SHS

Social Studies Lessons SHS

Core Mathematics SHS

Teacher Professional Development

We have a page dedicated to Teachers’ Professional development, This page brings courses from the National Teaching council for teachers to do and obtain Continuous Professional Development Points CPD Points and also From other CPD Service Providers.

On this page, we have Past Questions For the Teacher Promotion Examination and many more lessons ADI GES Promotion Examination Past Questions and Answers Actual December 21

2020 GES Actual Promotion Examination PASCO with Answers

All About Learning Theories of Education (Behaviorism, Cognitivism, and Constructivism.) and how they can be used in Teaching.

Lesson Planning. Classroom management. The motivation of students, evaluation of lessons, Quick Revision

National Science and Mathematics Quiz NSMQ

We also have a page dedicated to the National Science and Mathematics Quiz, frequency updated  NSMQ Live Today, Schools Qualified for Finals



The Jobs Page is to provide other jobs available for Teachers and trainee teachers. GES Jobs updates and other institutions with available vacancies.



Under Health we have common healthy Practices https://seekersnewsgh.com/health/


The Politics page is to give more information about the happenings in the political atmosphere. Most of the information provided under Politics is for Education purposes only.

Like voting Results and Current Political Leaders  https://seekersnewsgh.com/politics/


Mission statement

Seekers News Gh

We aim to be the best and most trusted place for Educational content such as the latest  Admissions, and FastTrack information for Teacher Professional Development, University Programmes course outlines. It is hard for most teachers to get accurate and fast information from the Education Service because most of them are in remote areas. seekersnewsgh.com brings you all that you seek. Our Teacher Professional Development page is also managed with accuracy, by Professional Teachers. Trainee Teachers can learn so much from it before they go to the field.

Teachers are also advised to visit from time to time to increase their horizons and to be abstruse with the latest teaching techniques and requirements.  We bring you only Educational content that is verified. We try to publish as fast as possible but we also do verification of content before publishing.

seekersnewsgh.com is owned and managed by  Peter Djangmah, a Professional Licensed Teacher within the Ghana Education Service. He wishes to provide authentic and reliable information to teachers and his audience who are mostly Students seeking Admissions and University Programmes to choose New Graduates, and those who have finished with National service.

The publications serve as a guide to his audience.


Ethics policy

Seekersnewsgh.com is our most valuable asset, so it’s important we bring the best to our users. Social media is now an integral part of our lives so it’s important we apply the quality rule to all the platforms we share our content.



Seekers News Gh is committed to authentically representing every one of the millions of users that consume our content. We are not racist and do not promote hateful content. Everyone must be loved.

Corrections policy

We expect our team to be accurate at all times, but they are only human, and sometimes mistakes are made. That is why we have a system in place that checks our content. we also review our content from time to time and update the content. Any error seen or prompted about is immediately and appropriately worked on.

Anyone reading from Seekersnewsgh.com can get in touch to complain about a program  by emailing seekersnewsgh@gmail.com

We actively monitor the Seekers News inbox/ Comments sections at all times and Approve them as fast as possible.


Unnamed sources

Seekers  News  Gh considers requests for anonymity very carefully. We always encourage sources to speak on the record and when possible, on camera. Our content for teachers is written by professors and highly trained Teachers.

But we may withhold the name of a source if there is a risk that they could be put in either legal or physical danger upon publication.

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