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About the MTN MoMo App; The One to Download

About the MTN MoMo App; The One to Download

The New MTN MoMo App is now active and Working perfectly.

Formally you may have some issues with the app but It’s now working perfectly and highly secured.

You do not need to download it anywhere other than the Play Store or the Appstore

Go to your Phone Store,

Identify the Logo

Click on install

About the MTN MoMo App; The One to Download

Wait for it to load 100%

Click on Open

Select Country

Click Next

You’re MoMo name will show Y’ello …….Your Name

Confirm it’s your name

Enter your MoMo PIN

Click on SIGN IN

A 4-digit code will be sent to your number.

When the SIM is in the same phone the code will be inserted automatically, but when it’s in a different phone, you need to enter it manually.

NOTE; Do not send this code or the PIN to anyone who calls you for it. You do so at your own RISK.


You can Now

Allow Cashout with just a click

Send money

Pay bills conveniently


When you click on Transactions you see all money sent to you and those you send.

Those sent to your Account will be in GREEN and those from your account will be in RED.

You can also do reversals easily on the APP.

Check your Balance

To check your balance, just under your phone number is GHS ******** Click on the eye icon to show your balance.


Go to your Play Store on your phone or App Store to Download the APP


You can pay for your DSTV or STAR Times Bills by clicking on TV and then following the prompt.


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