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How to cash out your MoMo wallet from an ATM

Unlock Convenient Cash Withdrawals with MTN MoMo’s ATM Cash Out

How to cash out your MoMo wallet from an ATM;In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is key, and MTN Mobile Money (MoMo) is here to make your life easier than ever before. Picture this: the ability to cash out your MoMo balance at an ATM, saving you time and effort. Say goodbye to long waits in line at traditional bank branches or MoMo Merchants who always don’t have cash; with MTN MoMo’s ATM Cash Out feature, your financial freedom is just a few simple steps away.

How does it work? It’s as easy as picking your favorite ice cream flavor. Follow these steps to experience hassle-free cash withdrawals:

*Dial 170#: Your journey to stress-free cash withdrawals begins with a simple dial of *170# on your mobile phone.

Navigate the Menu: Once you’ve dialed the number, enter “5” to access the Financial Services menu.

Choose Bank Service: Next, input “1” to select the Bank Service option. This will set the stage for your ATM Cash Out process.

Select ATM Cash Out: The excitement builds as you now tap “3” to highlight the ATM Cash Out feature. Your fingertips are leading you to ultimate convenience.

Generate Your Token: To ensure security, select “1” to generate a token. This token will serve as your virtual key to a successful transaction.

Enter Secret Code: Input your four-digit secret code—the code that guards your financial realm.

Specify Withdrawal Amount: The power is in your hands. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw from your MoMo balance.

Confirm With MM PIN: Strengthen the shield of security by entering your MoMo PIN, guaranteeing that you are in full control.

Voila! Your journey ends with a satisfying notification of your successful transaction. No more worrying about bank schedules or waiting in long lines. MTN MoMo’s ATM Cash Out feature grants you the freedom to access your funds on your terms.

In a world where time is of the essence, MTN MoMo is your financial ally, providing innovative solutions that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Experience the future of hassle-free banking – experience MTN MoMo’s ATM Cash Out today. Your time, your money – your choice.


  • Dial *170#
  • Enter 5 for Financial Services
  • Enter 1 for Bank Service
  • Select 3 for ATM Cash Out
  • Select 1 to Generate Token
  • Enter Four-digit Secret Code
  • Enter Amount
  • Enter MM PIN
  • You will receive notification for a successful transaction



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