• Ghana Vs Mexico Live Match Results

    Ghana Vs Mexico Live Match Results

    Today Ghana is Playing Mexico and you might be Far from your TV, Here are some live Results and LIve View

    Ghana  0 : 2 Mexico

    Click to Play Live   Second Half Ongoing

  • Paris 2024: Boxer dropped for demanding $20,000 from Prez Akufo-Addo

    Paris 2024: Boxer dropped for demanding $20,000 from Prez Akufo-Addo

    Boxer Samuel Takyi has been dropped from Ghana’s Amateur boxing team preparing for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games qualifiers after he demanded to be paid $20,000 promised him by President Nana Akufo-Addo.

    The 22-year-old ended a 29-year wait for an Olympic medal for Ghana when he won bronze in the boxing event at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021.

    After his feat, Akufo Addo announced that Takyi would be given a car, $10,000 in cash, plus a further $20,000 to be put in a fund towards his future.

    According to the President of the Ghana Amateur Boxing Federation, Bernard Quartey, Takyi has demanded all that was promised him be paid before he participates in the 2024 qualifiers.

    This and other demands left the GBF no choice but to drop him.

    “He was also demanding the money that was pledged by the president [Akufo-Addo] is $20,000 which was supposed to be used as a developmental fee for him,” the GBF president said, as quoted by Ghanaweb.

    “Secondly, he demanded that before he joined the team, he should be given an Olympic Scholarship. These are the conditions he demanded but we don’t have the power to dictate it. He is welcome to join but not with conditionalities.

    “Looking at the situation, the coach thought it wise that he was not prepared psychologically. We are going with this team and if someone in his weight qualifies it means we have to find another weight for him at the next qualifies.”

    Meanwhile UK-based Ghanaian, Seth Gyimah also known as Freezy Macbones has been included in the Black Bombers team and is already with them as they prepare for the trip to Dakar, Senegal.

    Ghana will be competing to secure qualification in five of seven weight categories in the African qualifiers scheduled for 9-15 September.

    For boxers who fail to earn quota spots in Dakar, there will be a further opportunity at the two world qualification tournaments in Busto Arzizio, Italy, from 29 February to 12 March and Bangkok, Thailand from 23 May to 3 June.

    Paris 2024: Boxer dropped for demanding $20,000 from Prez Akufo-Addo



  • FIFA to Train PE Teachers and Coach Educators from all 16 Regions of GH

    FIFA to Train PE Teachers and Coach Educators from all 16 Regions of GH

    FIFA to Train PE Teachers and Coach Educators from all 16 Regions of GH FIFA has announced plans to train Physical Education (PE) teachers and coach educators from all 16 regions in Ghana. The announcement was made during a delegation visit led by Madam Fatimata Sow Ep Sidibe, Director of Football for Schools at FIFA.

    The purpose of the visit was to brief Dr Eric Nkansah, the Director-General of the Ghana Education Service (GES), on FIFA’s Football for Schools program.

    This program aims to use football as a tool to contribute to the education, development, and empowerment of children.

    Notably, FIFA will train 50 PE teachers and coach educators selected from across the country. The training will not only promote targeted life skills and competencies through football for students, but also serve as a platform to identify and nurture young talents from the school system.

    This collaboration between FIFA and GES is seen as an exciting opportunity to enhance the existing school curriculum and provide additional support for the development of both academic and sporting abilities among Ghanaian students.

    GFA-  FIFA Football for Schools project to be launched on August 12


    The Ghana Football Association in collaboration with FIFA has scheduled 10th -12th August for the commencement of the FIFA Football for Schools project.

    As part of the project, there will be training of selected PE Teachers from all the regions in Ghana by FIFA Specialists as Trainee Trainers.

    The trained teachers will then train other PE Teachers in their respective regions.

    This project forms part of the GFA’s quest to develop all aspects of the game and to ensure that members are duly supported by FIFA to boost capacity.

    This follows the approval of the Ghana Football Association’s application for the FIFA Football for Schools Programme for implementation in accordance with the necessary FIFA guidelines.

    FIFA For School Implementation

    “After a thorough review of the documentation provided, the FIFA Football for Schools administration has decided to approve your application to start implementing the programme in Ghana” said Fatimata Sidibe, Director, FIFA Football for Schools.

    The FIFA Football for Schools administration will work with the Ghana Football Association to coordinate the release of the Football for Schools mobile app in Ghana, as well as to provide appropriate training and capacity-building support for users (selected public schools in Ghana).

    The Ghana Football Association is working with the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Education on this programme to benefit students between the ages of 10 – 14 years.

    The Association will also ensure that there is gender parity as all schools selected are mixed schools. This programme will further support GFA’s project to introduce football to young girls as early as possible to increase the participation of girls in football.

    The programme will provide training to Physical education teachers as well as provide footballs to almost 3,000 schools across the country.

    GFA’s Reaction

    “The GFA is extremely happy that its application has received approval from FIFA. This programme will benefit the Schools and Colleges as a member of the Association and a lot of PE Teachers and students between ages 10 to 14. The GFA will continue to work assiduously with its partners, FIFA, the Education Ministry and the Ministry of Youth and Sports to ensure the success of this excellent programme” said President Kurt Edwin Simeon-Okraku.


    How to Download your NTC CPD Transcript

  • GES Introduce Tug of War and Pillow Fight in Basic and Second cycle Schools

    GES Introduce Tug of War and Pillow Fight in Basic and Second cycle Schools; About Pillow Fight/ Tug of War, How it Started and the Rules of the Game,

    Pillow Fight Rules

    Rules for Tug of War

    The Ghana Education Service has now introduced Tug of War and Pillow fight as an official Sport in Basic and Senior High Schools in the Country.

    On 2nd May, 2023, the Ghana Tug of War/ Pillow Fight Federation wrote a letter to the Director General of Ghana Education Service (GES) requesting  Approval of the Sports.

    In a letter sighted by seekernewsgh dated 18th May, 2023 the GES has approved the sports and it’s now official sports in schools.

    GES Release


    Reference is made to your letter dated 2nd May, 2023 to the Director-General, Ghana
    Education Service, requesting official permission to introduce the sports of Tug of War
    and Pillow Fight at the Pre-Tertiary Education level, I write to inform you that approval
    has been granted to your Federation in that direction.

    We therefore entreat you to liaise with the PE & Sports Unit to enable you plan and
    organize how to roll out programmes and activities for the introduction of the two (2)
    sports to unearth, nurture young talents and encourage them to participate in our
    Districts and Schools without disrupting the teaching and learning periods.

    Accordingly, Management is by this letter requesting Regional Directors to officially
    inform Metro, Municipal and District Directors and Heads of Second Cycle Institutions
    that approval has been granted for the introduction of Tug of War and Pillow Fight in
    our schools.

    It is the expectation of Management that the Federation will strictly adhere to the
    directives to ensure smooth and continuous running of the sports in our schools

    About the Tug of War and Pillow Fight Sport

    Pillow Fight

    Pillow fighting has now become a part of the world of professional sport.

    How and When it Started

    On 29 January 2022, the new combat sport moved out of the bedroom and into the boxing ring when “Pound Down” streamed live from Miami, Florida, USA, becoming the first-ever professional Pillow Fighting Championship (PFC) and earning the record title for the first pay-per-view pillow fight.

    Sixteen men and eight women, who have backgrounds in mixed martial arts and boxing, took part in the first edition of the showdown, which was available to watch for $12.99 (£11.27) on Fite.TV.

    Pro MMA fighter Istela Nunes from Brazil was crowned the winner in the women’s finals after she defeated America’s Kendahl Voelker.

    The winner of the men’s final was American MMA fighter Hauley Tillman, who took down UFC veteran Marcus Brimage – the notorious name who went head-to-head with Connor McGregor in Stockholm, Sweden back in 2013.

    The first ever PFC winners earned a title belt and a $5,000 cash prize.

    People don’t respect pillow fight

    On 17 June 2022, the Seminole Hard Rock stadium in Hollywood, Florida, USA, hosted the PFC World Title Fight, where all four fighters met once again for a rematch.

    “A lot of people don’t respect pillow fighting but once they get in there with a fighter like me, they’re going to automatically respect it.” – Hauley Tillman

    “This means a lot to me. This is like a real UFC championship,” Tillman continued.

    PFC is trying to turn pillow fighting into a professional sport – but unlike MMA, “anyone can compete, and anyone can win”.

    Described by CEO Steve Williams as “hardcore swinging with specialized pillows”, Pillow Fight Championship aims to bring spectators the adrenaline rush of a combat sport without any of the blood and violence.

    “I can come at you as hard as I possibly can. It’s going to hurt, but you’re going to be OK,” said Steve.

    “You couldn’t do that with anything on earth, I think. Maybe a feather and pillows are made out of feathers.”

    But don’t expect to see any plumes flying during PFC matches.

    Pillow types

    Competitors use specially designed pillows made of foam rather than down. The pillows have a nylon casing with durable handles to allow for fast and hard-hitting movements.

    “We started out with a bedroom pillow and that was boring, so we added straps. That was pretty cool; a little bit more show,” said Steve.

    “Then we added the ripstop nylon which added a lot of flash and helped the sound because a bedroom pillow won’t really make any noise when it hits but the ripstop nylon combat pillows make a loud ‘POP'”. – Steve Williams

    Rules of Pillow Fight

    The rules of the sport involve two competitors standing six feet apart and trying to hit their opponent over the head as many times as possible.

    Fighters must swing the pillow single-handedly and are only allowed to raise their hand up as high as their neck to block an incoming “pillow punch”.

    Because flinging a bulky cushion becomes increasingly difficult after four minutes, even for experienced MMA pros, PFC fights are only comprised of three 90-second rounds.

    “The rules are very simple: Throw the pillow at 180 degrees and that’s one point. If you do 360 degrees, it’s harder and you have to time it. There’s more time for the person to defend himself, so that’s two points,” said PFC referee Yuri Villefort.

    “If there’s a showmanship moment during the fight, I can give one point for that person. And then if you hit and somehow the person puts a hand or a foot on the floor, it’s four points.” – Yuri Villefort

    Because of its participants’ roots in combat sports like MMA and jujitsu, pillow fighting often uses similar skills.

    For many, training includes plenty of cardio, weights and pillow swinging.

    Sport for everyone

    Whether fighters choose to attack their opponents with finesse or knock them to the ground, using pillows as fists means they get to leave the ring with their teeth.

    But how did we get from a childhood game between friends to a professional combat sport?

    “It sounded like a good business idea,” said Steve.

    “It’s the one sport in the world that everybody’s done. The world needs a pillow fight.” – Steve Williams

    Steve and his friend Mark Keys thought it was a crazy, yet intriguing idea.

    Creating the Rules

    They worked on developing their pillow fight league for about four years, with the better part of it spent on creating the rules and designing the pillow.

    The two then began attending small events and tagging along at other MMA fights.

    It wasn’t long before professional fighters and the public alike became fascinated by the uniqueness and intensity of the competition.

    Supporters say the growth of PFC has rapidly exploded and that they expect the newfound sport to take over the world.

    “Honestly, at first it was kind of like ‘uh, a pillow fight’ but then you see most of the fighters are MMA fighters,” said PFC ring girl Florence Caroline Arosteguy.

    “They’re people that actually train and you see they’re sweating and they’re going through it just like a real fighter. There’s just not as much pain inflicted.” – Florence Caroline Arosteguy

    Another appeal to PFC is that unlike MMA, the sport is all inclusive.

    Children included

    Because pillow fights don’t cause substantial bodily harm, PFC has opened its doors to multiple crowds, including children.

    Isaiah Triana, one of PFC’s youngest fighters, has been involved in MMA since he was under three years old.

    But he is especially drawn to PFC, which he has been participating in for the past year.

    “You do get hand to face but it doesn’t hurt as much. That’s what I love,” said Isaiah.

    “Whoever wants it, they can come get it. They can come get this spinning pillow pop.” – Isaiah Triana

    Not to mention, other combat sports set high pricing for pay-per-view events that only stream one show while the audience has an opportunity to see 14 family-friendly events with PFC.

    “This is getting really, really big,” said Tillman.

    “Honestly, I make more money pillow fighting than in a regular fight.”

    PFC may still be in its early days, but it seems to be on an upward trajectory.

    It serves as the perfect solution for those who want to engage in contact sports but think of UFC or MMA as too intimidating or brutal.

    PFC’s playful tone and initial success mean that the world may soon see this fun children’s pastime evolve into a multi-million-dollar match. Source

    About Tug of War

    Object of the Game

    Most Tug of War matches are completed in a best of three format, and the objective is to beat the competition and win the match by winning at least two of the three pulls in the match. Within each pull, the objective is to win by pulling the opposition and the opposition’s 4m marker towards the centre so that the mark passes the centre line, resulting in a win. It is not possible to tie a Tug of War match.

    Players & Equipment

    Each Tug of War team consists of 8 members, all of whom cooperate to pull the rope. Despite looking like quite a simple sport, there is some technicality to it, with team members utilising a rhythm to help pull the rope in an effective way. This is done with the help of a ‘driver’, who is not a member of the team but is in effect like a coach and they give orders of when to pull and when to rest from the sidelines.

    The rope is the most important piece of equipment and this should be approximately 11 cm in circumference and should be at least 33.5m long with plain, whipped ends. Other pieces of equipment that participants may use include specialist boots, back, elbow and knee supports as well as belts to support the back.


    In Tug of War, there is no scoring as such like you may see in other team games such as American Football or Soccer. However, because teams are pitted against each other usually in a best of three match, there is a form of scoring, in that the winner of the match must win two out the three pulls to win the match.

    Winning the Game

    Each team has a mark on their end of the rope 4m from the centre. The team who is pulled by the opposition towards the centre whose mark goes over the centre line is declared the loser. With matches often being the best of three, it is the that successfully wins two out of three pulls that is declared the winner.

    Rules of Tug of War

    Each team in a Tug of War competition consists of eight people.
    There are various weight classifications in Tug of War, and the mass of the eight people combined must not weigh more than that determined by the category that they are placed in.
    The rope used should be of a circumference of approximately 11 cm and should be marked in the middle with a centre line as well as two marks that should be placed 4m from the centre line.
    At the start of the pull, the centre line of the rope should be immediately above line marked on the ground.

    Both teams pull the rope, the winner being the team who manage to pull the mark on the rope closest to their opponents over the centre line.
    The rope must be pulled underarm and nobody’s elbow must go below the knee, otherwise a foul will be called.
    Matches are often a best of three pull, the winner winning two out of the three pulls.


  • Saudi Lawyer Calls for Arrest and Deportation of Cristiano Ronaldo

    Is Cristiano Ronaldo going to get deported from Saudi Arabia for his reaction?
    Cristiano Ronaldo was seen grabbing his down-below, something which is seen as an offence in the country.

    Things could get Messi for Ronaldo in Saudi Arabia.

    Nouf bin Ahmed, a lawyer, teacher and advisor, who also works with the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law, has announced on Twitter that she will present a petition to the Public Ministry of Saudi Arabia for the arrest and deportation of Cristiano Ronaldo for grabbing his genitals after hearing Messi’s name chanted by fans after Al Nassr lost to Al Ittihad in the Riyadh derby.

    “I don’t follow sport. Even if the crowd provoked Ronaldo, he didn’t know how to react. Cristiano’s behaviour is a crime. An indecent public act, which is one of the crimes that allows for arrest and deportation if committed by a foreigner. We will present a petition to the Public Ministry regarding the issue”, said a tweet from the lawyer.

    The act from the footballer has caused a huge stir online. According to sources quizzed by commentator Mohamed al Anzi, the Portuguese player made the gesture because “he received a knock during the game” in the genitals, according to EFE.

    The lawyer has also spoken about the incident from Ronaldo in which he appears to grab Gustavo Cuéllar around the neck from behind: “What we saw in the Al Nassr game, specifically, what Cristiano did was a minor crime. The attack from Cristiano on an Al Hilal player is not related to what goes on in a sporting context of competitiveness. It’s worth pointing out that Cristiano is known for his calmness, what is the reason for the change in his behaviour and his tendency to be aggressive after joining Al Nassr?”

    The dab, a “damaging influence of young people”

    The iconic celebration of Pogba and Lingard is punished in Saudi Arabia due to its link with drugs.

    A player for Al Nojoom was not aware of the law and celebrated in such a way in a cup game against Al Wahda as one of his teammates went to give him a high-five. The National Committee for the fight against drugs of the Interior Minister of Saudi Arabia had warned that the dab was a “damaging influence of young people”, according to Inquisitr.



  • Ghana vs Angola Full time Score

    Ghana Vrs Angola

    Ghana 1 : 1 Angola

    March played on Monday, 27th March 2023



    sman Bukari  72



    Lucas Joao  51



  • Brazilian football legend Pele dies at age 82

    Brazilian football legend Pele dies at age 82

    In his post-football life, Pelé served as Brazil’s sports minister and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization appointed him UNESCO Champion for Sport for what it said was his “outstanding commitment to promote sport and help disadvantaged children.”

    Pele, who had a tumour removed from his colon last year, passed away in a Sao Paolo hospital, his agent said.

    Pele is Brazil’s leading goal scorer, with 77 goals in 92 games [File: Anindito Mukherjee/Reuters] Published On 29 Dec 202229 Dec 2022

    Brazilian football legend Pele has died following a long battle with cancer, his agent Joe Fraga and his family confirmed on Thursday.

    His daughter Kely Nascimento took to Instagram as the news broke to post a tribute to her father, accompanied by a photo of family members holding his hand as he rested in a hospital bed.

    “Everything we are is thanks to you,” Nascimento wrote. “We love you infinitely. Rest in peace.”

    Pele had been hospitalised since November with multiple ailments, including a respiratory infection.

    The 82-year-old three-time World Cup winner, whose real name is Edson Arantes do Nascimento, was also suffering from heart and kidney problems.

    Pele had a tumour removed from his colon in September 2021. He was admitted to the Albert Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo on November 29.

    Doctors there said his colon cancer was showing “progression” and he needed “more extensive care to treat kidney and heart failure”.

    Pele, seen by many as the most talented footballer to ever play the game, led Brazil to a trio of World Cup titles in 1958, 1962 and 1970. He remains Brazil’s leading goal scorer, with 77 goals in 92 games.

    Following Argentina’s World Cup win last week in Qatar, Pele posted a picture on social media of their team lifting the trophy and hailed performances from captain Lionel Messi, France’s rising star Kylian Mbappe and surprise semifinalists Morocco.

    “Today, football continues to tell its story, as always, in an enthralling way,” he said. “What a gift it was to watch this spectacle of the future of our sport.”

    Brazil players and fans in Qatar also unfurled banners on and off the pitch with an image of the football great and wishes for his recovery. source

    By 16, he was part of Brazil’s national team, and in 1958 he made his World Cup debut at age 17, announcing himself on football’s biggest stage with a goal in his first match. He is the youngest player to ever score in the men’s World Cup and the youngest to ever score three goals in one game, which he accomplished in Brazil’s second match of the tournament.

    Two more goals in the tournament’s final match helped Pelé lead Brazil to the championship. He won two more World Cups with Brazil, in 1962 and 1970.

    His international career included 77 goals in 92 matches, and he was named FIFA’s co-player of the 20th century along with Argentina’s Diego Maradona.

    After retiring from Santos and international duty, Pelé joined the New York Cosmos of the North American Soccer League in 1975 and played three seasons there.

    In his post-football life, Pelé served as Brazil’s sports minister and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization appointed him UNESCO Champion for Sport for what it said was his “outstanding commitment to promote sport and help disadvantaged children.”

    In 2020, Pelé tweeted that he was proud of his relationship with the U.N., as well as his involvement in campaigns to promote breastfeeding in Brazil and eradicate illiteracy.

    “Today, I insist on being involved in good causes, both with NGO’s, Public institutions and my sponsors. This is part of my legacy and I applaud other football legends that have also been following this path, using the beautiful game to make the world better,” he posted. source voa

     Which Station has acquired Qatar 2022 Broadcast Rights and CHAN 2023


  • Otto Addo names Black Stars’ final World Cup squad check List

    Head coach of the Black Stars, Otto Addo has announce his final squad for the 2022 FIFA World Cup today Monday, November 14.

    The press conference is to unveil Ghana’s 26 warriors to represent the country at the Mundial to be staged in Qatar, starting November 20.

    The Black Stars have been hit with injuries in the last few days but Addo is set to make official the players available to his disposal for the tournament.

    𝗚 𝗢 𝗔 𝗟 𝗞 𝗘 𝗘 𝗣 𝗘 𝗥 𝗦

    1. Manaf Nurudeen
    2. Danlad Ibrahim
    3. Lawrence Ati Zigi


    4. Denis Odoi
    5. Tariq Lamptey
    6. Alidu Seidu
    7. Daniel Amartey
    8. Joseph Aidoo
    9. Alexander Djiku
    10. Mohammed Salisu
    11. Abdul-Rahman Baba
    12. Gideon Mensah


    13. Andre Ayew
    14. Thomas Partey
    15. Elisha Owusu
    16. Salis Abdul Samed
    17. Mohammed Kudus
    18. Daniel Kofi Kyereh


    19. Daniel Barnieh Afriyie
    20. Kamal Sowah
    21. Issahaku Abdul Fatawu
    22. Osman Bukari
    23. Inaki Williams
    24. Antoine Semenyo
    25. Jordan Ayew
    26. Kamaldeen Sulemana


    Raw from Anas – Our Minister and the Cash, Big names out already; Expose

    Anas called Back to have his Expose show at Accra International Conference Centre


  • $75,000 Appearance fee for Black Stars ; The Coaches and technical Team also takes..

    Black Stars will take $15,000 as winning bonus at the group stage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

    According to reports filed by Kumasi based Silva FM, the amount will be the same bonus to be pocketed by the technical team members.

    Meanwhile, there has also reportedly been  agreement to pay $75,000 as appearance fees to players and coaches of the Ghana national team at the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

    Cleveland Guardians take Game 1 in playoffs series against Tampa Bay Rays Saturday

    The bonuses and appearance fees have been agreed upon after consultations and meetings between the Ghana Football Association (GFA) and the Ministry of Youth, Sports, and Culture.

    Otto Addo, who is the head coach of the side will take home $25,000 as monthly salary with Chris Hughton, who is the technical director also pocketing $20,000.

    The two assistant coaches, Didi Dramani and George Boateng will take home $10,000 each.

    At the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Ghana has been pitted in Group H and will face Portugal, Uruguay, and South Korea.

    The 22nd edition of the Mundial kick off from November 20th  to December 18th.

  • Cleveland Guardians take Game 1 in playoffs series against Tampa Bay Rays Saturday

    Cleveland Guardians take Game 1 in playoffs series against Tampa Bay Rays.

    CLEVELAND, Ohio (WOIO) – The Cleveland Guardians topped the Tampa Bay Rays in Game 1 against the Tampa Bay Rays with a 2-1 win on Friday afternoon. Such a fantastic Game.

    Shane Bieber started for the Guardians in the first game of the wild-card series. The ace struck out eight betters in 7.2 innings. You might want to watch that again.

    Jose Ramirez hit a sixth-inning home run to give the Guardians a 2-1 lead at the time, which proved to be enough for the win.

    This should be a surprised as people want to know how good are the Tampa Bay Rays.

    Game 2 is now scheduled for Saturday at 12:07 p.m. Triston McKenzie is the probable started for the Guardians. Something you won’t want to miss.

    Standout players like Jose Ramirez, Steven Kwan, and Emmanuel Clase led the 92-win Cleveland Guardians team into the playoffs, which started Friday with the wild-card series against the Tampa Bay Rays.

    The league’s youngest team surprised many by winning the American League Central pennant during the 2022 season.

    If necessary, all three games of the series will be played in Cleveland throughout the weekend.

    This story will be updated.





  • Brazil vs Tunishia Live results

    Brazil 5 – 1 Tunisia 73 mins

    A free kick delivered perfectly saw Tunisia equalizing the Goal

    More updates soon

    But Brazil within a a minute added another

    then a penalty added the 3 Goal even with laser lights in the players eye


    Raphinha 11” 39

    Richarlison 19

    Neymar 29 penalty

    Pedro 74′



    M. Talbi 18′

    Tunisa  Player D. Bronn has been given Red Card 42 min . Interesting times ahead of second half

    Ghana vs Nicaragua Station showing and line up live results



  • Ghana vs Nicaragua Station showing and line up live results

    Max Tv in Ghana, Woezor Tv, Globe Tv, Pemsan TV       Nicaragua 0 – 1 Ghana

    DSTV channel 229  will also show Brazil vs Tunisia

    The game will start at 18;15

    Ghana Starting are




    G. Mensah





    11 Bukari

    19 Williams


    Brazil vs Tunishia Live results


    1st half Ghana 1- 0 Nicaragua



  • FIFA World Cup: Which Station has acquired Qatar 2022 Broadcast Rights and CHAN 2023

    The broadcast rights will feature all Black Stars matches and other selected matches from the Group Stages to the finals.

    The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation, GBC, has secured the Exclusive Free-to-Air Broadcast Rights of Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup which kicks off in November, this year.

    Speaking at a media briefing at the Broadcasting House in Accra today, September, 15, 2022, the Acting-Director of Television and Marketing, Mr George Lomotey said all matches will be telecast live on both Radio and Television and this includes on GTV SPORTS+, GTV and on all GBC’s 18 Regional and Districts FM Stations.

    other channels


    GH ONE



    All these channels are showing the matches in HD+, People with the HD+ Decoder are able to view the Match,

    You are not able to view this on the normal satellite channels  because goes beyond Ghana. The Free to Air license right is for only Ghanaian Homes.

    Those Using the Antenna or encrypted satellite versions can watch the matches on the local stations.

    If you are using MultiTV, the Channels will be scrambled then they are showing the matches.


    The TV Broadcast Rights starting November 21, will feature selected Live soccer matches from the Group stage, Knockout Rounds, Quarters, Semis and Finals which will include all of Ghana Black Stars matches.

    Mr Lomotey called on Corporate Ghana to come on board for Sponsorship Packages.

    On the issue of piracy, the Acting Director of Television and Marketing said stringent actions will be taken against culprits and any entity that may violate GBC’s acquired broadcast rights.

    CHAN 2023

    The State Broadcaster has also acquired rights for the CHAN 2023 African Nations Championships which Ghana has qualified for. This will be added to optimise value for the Qatar 2022 World Cup Sponsorship package.

    This Package according to GBC, will be available to interested sponsors on exclusive and non exclusive basis from September, 2022.



    Explanations to the NLC 10% Minimum wage and 15 % COLA for 2023


    BBNajia7 what’s happening to Phyna Big Brother Season 7


  • FIFA World Cup trophy to arrive in Ghana For View Here

    The FIFA World Cup will arrive in Accra on September 3rd, giving Ghanaian fans the chance to experience football’s most coveted prize as it visits all 32 FIFA World Cup™ qualifying nations for the first time.

    The FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola invites football fans to view the most iconic symbol in football and experience the real magic of the world’s largest, most anticipated sporting event – the FIFA World Cup 2022

    The one-and-only, solid-gold Original FIFA World Cup™ Trophy, the same trophy presented by FIFA to the team winning the FIFA World Cup™, will be on display for fans around the world to see.

    “This year, we’re excited to bring the iconic Original FIFA World Cup Trophy to Accra” said Philip Boadu Assah, Senior Franchise Manager, Coca-Cola Ghana.

    SHS Nurses To Be Paid this Salary When Recruited To CHPS Compounds – YEA

    For millions, the FIFA World CupTM Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience the most iconic symbol in football and share their passion for the game.

    A press conference will take place at the arrival of the Trophy at Kokota International Airport and then the Trophy will be received by his Excellency Nana Akufo-Addo, President of The Republic of Ghana.

    A consumer event will also be organized on the second day at the Accra Polo Court. David
    Trezeguet, the FIFA Legend who won FIFA World Cup in 1998 will be accompanying the trophy during the two days of activities in Ghana.

    The FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola kicked off in May in Dubai and has traveled to 19 countries and territories, including Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Pakistan, Lebanon, and more.

    The second phase of the tour kicked off on 19 August in Zurich, Switzerland and will stop in all FIFA World Cup™ 2022 qualifying nations, including Senegal, Cameroon, Tunisia, and Morocco. Over the course of 2022, the Original FIFA World Cup™ Trophy will travel to 51 countries and territories, bringing Coca-Cola and FIFA one step closer to visiting all FIFA’s 211 Members across the world by 2030.

    Colin SMITH, FIFA’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “The first phase of the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola was a fantastic success, engaging the broader public in the game’s emerging and established markets with the magic of the biggest football festival on Earth.”

    “By visiting all FIFA World Cup qualifying nations for the first time, the momentum of the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola will continue to build, giving fans of all ages a taste of the excitement to come – and we hope they will join us in Qatar later this year for the ultimate celebration of the beautiful game.”

    This year’s FIFA World Cup™ Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola is the most sustainable journey yet. For the first time, at each stop, waste will be reduced and consumption of energy, materials and other resources will be reduced.

    The Coca-Cola Company has had a long-standing relationship with FIFA since 1976 and has been an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup since 1978. Coca-Cola has advertised at every FIFA World Cup stadium since 1950 and is a long-time supporter of football at all levels.

    This is the fifth time that Coca-Cola and FIFA have come together to bring the FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola to the world.

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  • kick Thomas Partey off the pitch

    English Premier League season kicks off with “kick rapists off the pitch” banner as Thomas Partey starts for Arsenal
    The much-awaited 2022-23 season of the English Premier League (EPL) kicked off  as Arsenal faced Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park.
    Even though on the pitch Arsenal won comfortably by 2-0, they won’t be too comfortable with what went on around the game.
    Their midfield bulwark, Thomas Partey, was booed throughout the game and there was even a plane with the message that rapists should be kicked out of the game.
    Partey is accused by his ex-girlfriend of raping her. She also shared that she was paid off to keep quiet about the whole incident.
    However, the crowd didn’t keep quiet about it as they booed Partey at every given opportunity.
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