John Dumelo to Walk Like a Dwarf to Presec Today, NSMQ 2023 Winner

John Dumelo to Walk Like a Dwarf to Presec Today, NSMQ 2023 Winner


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John Dumelo has announced his commitment to fulfill a promise he made. On October 31, 2023, he will embark on a barefoot backward walk from the University of Ghana’s main gate to the Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School (Presec) main gate. This announcement was made on his X account yesterday.

The reason behind this unusual walk is that he had previously predicted that Achimota School would triumph over Presbyterian Boys Senior High School (Presec) in the NSMQ 2023 competition, as he identified himself as an Achimotan. However, the NSMQ 2023 Grand Finale did not go in favor of Achimota, as Presec Legon emerged as the winner for the 8th time. In response to being called out to “walk the talk,” he stated:

“I am a man of my word. I will be walking backward barefoot from the UG main gate to the Presec main gate tomorrow, October 31st, at 4 p.m. I want to congratulate Presec for winning the #NSMQGrandFinale. I am wholeheartedly proud of my Achimota school and also OWASS. I will walk the talk. #idey4u”

All eyes are now on him as he prepares to fulfill his promise.

Some X users seems surprised he will make the walk, others promised to give a live coverage and morale.

Some of his followers have also advised him not to do it.

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As John Dumelo Walks to Presec


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