A Sick Ghost Came to Seek For Medical Treatment

A Sick Ghost Came to Seek For Medical Treatment

Do the tales of the supernatural intrigue you? If you’ve ever doubted the existence of ghost stories, it’s time to immerse yourself in the haunting narratives shared by people on Abena’s Facebook Page.

Within the realm of Ghost Diaries, individuals courageously unveil their eerie encounters, inviting you into a world where the extraordinary becomes reality.

These chilling chronicles have already sent shivers down my spine, recounting incidents where the departed reach out from beyond the veil.

Imagine conversing with someone, only to discover hours later that they’ve already passed away.

Picture witnessing deceased loved ones perform familiar actions at home, as if life continues beyond the boundary of death.

These stories and countless others await, eager to draw you into their enigmatic embrace.

Allow me to share one such astonishing account: The Tale of the Seeking Spirit

Dear readers, gather ’round as I unveil this riveting tale.

A Sick Ghost Came to Seek For Medical Treatment


Sister Abena let me share this story with you guys.

I work in a district hospital on the outskirts of Accra. In 2013, I went to work and we prayed at the OPD with all the patients including those who came to seek medical treatment for their chronic illness and new patients.

Work began steadily with everyone going about their normal routine within the hospital – I mean laboratory services, pharmacy department, consulting rooms, emergency department all commenced work on a usual busy Monday morning.

I was in the consulting room with a Doctor seeing patients and pandemonium broke out. What happened? What happened? Were the questions we those who were not privy to the circumstances were now asking anxious onlookers and confused patients.

There that, it was now made known that, one woman spotted a purported woman who passed on in one of the villages a few weeks ago but she came to hospital and saw this woman. She said, she saw this ghost and recognized her but the ghost didn’t see her. She dashed out quickly to make a call to inform relatives.

She actually made the call and returned but couldn’t see this “ghost woman” again. There was indisputable evidence that, the ghost was actually attending the hospital to seek treatment because we found her insurance card and hospital OPD card bearing her name lying down where the said relative spotted her.

From there, my respect to anyone entering hospital to seek treatment grew to the maximum level because you may never know whom you are attending to.🤪🤪🤪

She never came back for the cards again up to date🤪

To this day, those  unclaimed cards remains and serves as, a tangible link to the enigmatic day a spirit sought solace in our earthly realm.

So, dear readers, as you venture deeper into Abena’s Facebook Page, be prepared to journey through the extraordinary. These stories beckon, urging you to ponder the mysteries that lie just beyond our senses, waiting to be unveiled.

Source; Abena Manokekame


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