My Husband Thinks I Enjoy The S3x But I Don’t

My Husband Thinks I Enjoy The S3x But I Don’t

My Husband Thinks I Enjoy The S3x But I Don’t

I was a virgin when I tied the knot three months ago.

Chastity was the daily devotion when I was with my parents and I don’t know why my mother always preached on “no s3x before marriage” but I think it’s helped my sisters and me in so many ways.

I met my husband three years ago and before I accepted his proposal, I told him where I stand in terms of s3x in relationships. He agreed to be with me and waited for three years before he saw my nakedness.

I knew every first time is painful so after experiencing the pain on our honeymoon, I thought I would enjoy s3x going forward but I guess I was lying to myself.

Every time my husband and I have s3x, the pains dominate the pleasure and that has been my headache since I got married.

Because of this, I always get scared anytime my husband tries to touch me. When we get into the act, I pretend to moan and enjoy every bit of it and that makes him think I enjoy it.

I haven’t gathered enough courage to let him know what’s going on.

But what could be the problem here?

Is it that my husband is not doing something right or it’s common among women who married as virgins?

Credit: Ghanaweb


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10 days ago

Use additional mucus eg pomade

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