• Man loses genitals in fight over woman

    Man loses genitals in fight over woman

  • Dental Hygienist Salary 2024

    Dental Hygienist Salary

    Most people and institutions prefer to keep their salaries secret, but mostly it doesn’t stay that way.

    The salary information is very important to job seekers and Students. Today most people don’t just do courses, they go in with all they have on programs that pay. Before choosing a course at the university most students will search the salary of such professionals before taking them.

    Sometimes even without checking the salary your parents quickly tell you not to become a certain professional, this is because looking at their lifestyle, it seems they are not making it and not just one but many.

    Having insight into the salary range will help you make certain informed choices.

    The question that may beat you in an interview room will be ” How much do you want us to pay you”? Or what’s your salary expectation?  When you mention too high an amount you may lose the offer, if you mention something too small they may give you the job and you start regreting almost immediately.

    So before you go, Search for the salary and have an idea.

    Dental Hygienist Salary

    In the U.S

    A dental hygienist in the US makes on average $80,810 a year, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is projected at a 30% increment annually.

    Depending on the State, you may see some changes. The Average Hourly Wage is between $30.0 to $60.0

    In the UK

    Starting salaries for dental hygienists working in the NHS are typically between £28,055 and £33,934, in the United Kingdom.

    Specialist dental hygienists can earn between £33,934 and £40,588 (band 6). Experienced hygienists with training responsibilities may be able to earn up to £48,672 (band 7). Hourly rates can range from around £25.56 to £40.50 per hour.

    Dental hygienist salary UK private

  • Mixed Reactions as Nursing Trainee Allowances for September and October Finally Disbursed

    Mixed Reactions as Nursing Trainee Allowances for September and October Finally Disbursed

    In a surprising turn of events, the much-anticipated Nursing Trainee Allowances for the months of September and October have been reportedly disbursed, causing a stir among students and the public alike.

    Multiple sources confirm that the Ministry of Health – Health Training Institutions (MOH – HTI) recently issued a statement to trainees, stating, “Dear Trainee, your September and October allowance of 800 GHS has been paid to your e-zwich card. You may load funds, thank you.”

    Mixed Reactions as Nursing Trainee Allowances for September and October Finally Disbursed

    This development follows former President John Mahama’s public call on the government to address the prolonged delay in allowance payments, with students reaching out to him to voice their grievances about not receiving allowances for two years.

    Venting their frustration, a student exclaimed, “For the past 2 years, not even a single cedi has been paid to nurses.” Questions were raised about the payment approach, with some students perplexed by the leap from paying January to March to settling the allowances for September and October, skipping the months in between.

    While this news is a relief for many, some express discontent. Criticism includes queries about the timing of payments, especially considering we are approaching December. Some even argue that the September and October payments might be arrears from the previous year (2022) rather than the current year (2023).

    The ripple effect of this development extends to other groups eagerly awaiting their dues. NABCO Trainees are reportedly waiting for their 9 months’ arrears, and teacher trainees are also anticipating the disbursement of their allowances, mirroring the recent success of the nursing trainees.

    University students Loan

    However, not everyone shares the joy. University students, in particular, express dissatisfaction, questioning the inequality in allowance distribution. Some argue that while certain groups receive allowances, others are forced to take loans to survive, raising concerns about the rationale behind introducing the allowance system. They question why some Ghanaian students receive financial aid while others resort to student loans for education, sometimes for the same qualification or even a superior one.

    MOH Recruitment Portal Login | Clearance 2023

    single spine salary structure 2024 for health workers

    MOH Admission Status Checker 2023


    https healthtraining gov gh | HTI Portal 2023



  • New GMA Bosses Demand Condition of Service Paid Effective January 1 2024 or Gov’t Should Expect Industrial Action

    New GMA Bosses Demand Condition of Service Paid Effective January 1 2024 or Gov’t Should Expect Industrial Action

    Also, Medical Doctors Distinguish Themselves from Book Doctors with New Prefixes

    The Ghana Medical Association (GMA) concluded its 65th Annual General Conference with a focus on addressing the critical issues of health worker compensation, working conditions, and the need for clear professional designations. The conference, held from November 7th to 12th, 2023, deliberated on the theme “Advancing Universal Health Coverage: Who Cares for the Health Worker?”

    1. Demands for Health Worker Welfare:

    Health workers in Ghana face challenging and risky conditions, affecting their ability to deliver quality care. The conference emphasized the need for improved working conditions, adequate compensation, and protection from workplace hazards.

    The health workers demand accessible and free healthcare and retirement on Salary,  as stipulated in their conditions of service. The communiqué issued urges the government to prioritize the mental well-being of health professionals, addressing factors like work overload and providing necessary support.

    Moreover, the GMA declared that all conditions of service not being paid must be compensated effectively from January 1, 2024, or else the government should expect industrial action.

    2. New Designations for Medical Doctors and Dentists:

    To enhance patient safety and prevent confusion about medical professionals’ identities, the GMA introduced new designations for medical doctors and dental surgeons. Starting January 2024, medical doctors will use “Dr. (Med)” as a prefix, and dental surgeons will use “Dr. (Dent).” This move aims to provide clarity and protect the public from individuals falsely claiming medical titles.

    3. Election of New Executives:

    The conference saw the election of new members to the national executive committee for the period 2023-2025. Dr. (Med) Frank Serebour was elected as the President, leading the executive team. The new executives will oversee the Association’s affairs, with a focus on advancing the interests and well-being of medical professionals.

    The executives are:

    Dr. (Med) Frank Serebour  President
    Prof. (Med) Ernest Yorke    Vice President
    Dr. (Dent) Richard Selormey  General Secretary
    Dr. (Med) Selorm Adjoa Kutsoati    Assistant General Secretary
    Dr. (Med) Elizabeth Esi Crentsil  Treasurer
    Dr. (Med) Dan Anane-Frimpong  Male Executive Member
    Dr. (Med) Gladys Naa Lomole Lomotey  Female Executive Member

    Prof. (Med) Frank Ankobea remains the immediate past president.



  • My Husband Thinks I Enjoy The S3x But I Don’t

    My Husband Thinks I Enjoy The S3x But I Don’t

    My Husband Thinks I Enjoy The S3x But I Don’t

    I was a virgin when I tied the knot three months ago.

    Chastity was the daily devotion when I was with my parents and I don’t know why my mother always preached on “no s3x before marriage” but I think it’s helped my sisters and me in so many ways.

    I met my husband three years ago and before I accepted his proposal, I told him where I stand in terms of s3x in relationships. He agreed to be with me and waited for three years before he saw my nakedness.

    I knew every first time is painful so after experiencing the pain on our honeymoon, I thought I would enjoy s3x going forward but I guess I was lying to myself.

    Every time my husband and I have s3x, the pains dominate the pleasure and that has been my headache since I got married.

    Because of this, I always get scared anytime my husband tries to touch me. When we get into the act, I pretend to moan and enjoy every bit of it and that makes him think I enjoy it.

    I haven’t gathered enough courage to let him know what’s going on.

    But what could be the problem here?

    Is it that my husband is not doing something right or it’s common among women who married as virgins?

    Credit: Ghanaweb


  • MOH Recruitment Portal Login | Clearance 2023

    MOH Recruitment Portal Login | Clearance


    The Ministry of Health in Ghana offers an easy and accessible online portal for health professionals to apply for job positions and clearances thus MOH Recruitment Portal Login | Clearance.

    This portal is open to doctors, nurses, midwives, physician assistants, and other healthcare experts who have been granted financial clearance by the Ministry of Finance.

    In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to navigate the Ministry of Health Recruitment Portal and apply for job openings or request clearances.

    Job Applications,

    Job openings are announced through official letters and media publications, including various blogs and social media platforms

    Upon seeing or receiving the job opening announcement, Prospective health professionals are to visit this portal to Apply for the Job.

    How to Apply

    First, go to your web browser and search the Ministry of Health Recruitment Portal

    Visit the and Click to Open

    For First-time Users Click on Apply

    Provide your Pin or Index Number

    Enter Your Full Name

    Provide your Moh recruitment portal login gmail or your email

    Enter Password and confirm

    Click on Register

    Doctors should type their registration numbers without space. Eg. MDC/RN/10316 should be MDCRN10316.


    If you already have an account on the recruitment portal, you do not need to Create account again

    On the recruitment Portal,

    At the top right Corner, Click Login

    Provide Pin/License Number/Index Number and

    password to Login

    If you forgot Login Credentials or password,

    Click on the forgot password

    Enter Pin/ Index number to receive your reset login credentials.

    For Clearance Portal

    If you need to Check Clearance status or Request for Clearance, you will use the same portal

    Go to your web browser, search MOH Recruitment portal / clearance

    On the Portal click on the last item, Clearance Request

    Applicants who couldn’t find their information in the system have to use the form provided on the portal  to request for financial clearance.

    The Request form demands for your


    Index number

    Phone number

    Program and Year completed then

    Click on submit

    Checking Clearance Status

    If you want to check for the clearance status,

    Visit the same Portal

    Click on the third Item, Check Clearance

    Enter your Pin/License Number/ Index number

    provide your Full name

    Click on submit to Check status

    For International Applicants,

    On the Recruitment Prortal

    Click on international, ‘

    Create account with the same procecedure outlined above or login if you already have an account.

    MOH IT Support

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the IT Support, their support service center is working for  24/7.


    The Recruitment Portal Serves  the agencies listed below











    Note that.

    The public is kindly informed that the Ministry of Health does not charge money for recruitment and postings, therefore all applicants are advised not to make any payment for this recruitment, and whoever pays, does so at their own risk.

    Any person who demands money should be reported to the Chief Director of the Ministry.


    P.O. Box MB44, Accra
    Digital Address: GA-029-4296

    Kindly quote this number and date on all correspondence



    The Ministry of Health wishes to inform Medical Officers and Dentist, who have completed their House
    Job and has been verified by the Medical and Dental Council under the 30th list, that:

    1. Recruitment into the service will commence on Monday, 9h October, 2023 at 12 pm;

    2. Qualified applicants are requested to formally apply on the Ministry of Health online application
    portal by logging-in onto  MOH Recruitment Portal Login | Clearance 2023 and follow the instructions to select the preferred
    agency under the Ministry; and

    3. Deadline for submission of application is Friday, 21″ October, 2023 at 6.00pm;

    4. The public is kindly informed that the Ministry of Health does not charge money for
    recruitment and postings, therefore all applicants are advised not to make any payment for
    this reeruitment and whoever pays, does so at their own risk. Any person who demands
    money should be reported to the Chief Director of the Ministry.

    How to Apply

    Click on the recruitment Portal / MOH Recruitment Portal Login | Clearance MOH Recruitment Portal Login | Clearance 2023

    After opening Click on Apply,

    For Doctors Click on Create Account

    Doctors should type their registration numbers without space. Eg. MDC/RN/10316 should be MDCRN10316. on the Creation Form,

    Then Click Register,

    Login to Apply.

    HTI Portal | MOH Admission Portal

    MOH Recruitment Portal Login | Clearance 2023

    More Updates JOIN

  • University student jailed for posing as Gynaecologist to treat a Teacher

    University student jailed for posing as Gynaecologist to treat a Teacher

    A 38-year-old student of the Regional Maritime University in Accra, Isaac Sumatu, who posed as a gynaecologist at the Ho Teaching Hospital (HTH) and managed to extort money from a teacher by offering her a concoction of medications, was sentenced last Wednesday to a fine of GH¢12,000 by the Ho Circuit Court.

    Sumatu failed to pay the fine and was subsequently taken to the Ho Central Prison to serve a two-year jail term in lieu of the fine.

    He pleaded guilty with an explanation to the charge of practising medicine without proper registration. However, the court, presided over by Felix Datsomor, found that Sumatu’s explanation was consistent with his plea and accordingly sentenced him.

    Inspector Benjamin Amoako, who prosecuted, told the court that on September 15, 2023, Sumatu arrived at the hospital and approached a woman who was at the facility.

    He requested a private conversation with her, but the lady declined, stating that she did not know him.

    At this point, the accused introduced himself as “Dr Edward, a gynaecologist at the facility”, and informed her that he had identified something highly unusual about her abdomen.

    The prosecution recounted that after this false diagnosis, Sumatu informed the woman that if immediate action was not taken, her womb would become blocked, rendering her unable to conceive in the future.

    The impersonator then instructed the woman to return to the hospital the next day for treatment, during which he would confirm the availability of the necessary medications.

    “On the scheduled day, Sumatu contacted the woman by phone, reassuring her that the prescribed medications for her condition were in stock. He asked her to bring GH¢200 and a bottle of water to facilitate the mixing of the prescribed treatment,” the prosecutor said.

    According to the prosecutor, upon her arrival, Sumatu led the teacher to the hospital’s blood bank and offered her a mixture later identified as a combination of Vitamin C and paracetamol tablets to drink.

    The teacher, realising that doctors do not typically conduct consultations with patients in the blood bank, enquired at the hospital and was informed that there was no gynaecologist at the hospital called Dr Edward. Subsequently, she reported the incident to the police.

    The fake doctor was apprehended on September 18, 2023, while loitering at the hospital. In his caution statement, Sumatu admitted to introducing himself as Dr Edward to the woman and subsequently giving her a mixture of Vitamin C and paracetamol to drink.

    The court determined that the prosecution had satisfactorily proven the case against Sumatu beyond any reasonable doubt.


    GNAT’s Countdown to Clarity: Refunds, Promotions, and Laptops in October-November

    NTC Announces New Fees for Ghanaian Teachers: Backlash and Concerns Emerge

    Ghanaian Teacher Takes Legal Action Against National Teaching Council Over Unlawful Fee Collection”

    Source; Graphic Online

  • Check New Price for Dialysis in Ghana which some says it’s illegal to Increase

    Check New Price for Dialysisis in Ghana which some says it’s illegal to Increase

    The Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH) has implemented a significant increase in the cost of renal dialysis treatment, sparking outrage among Ghanaians who are worried about its affordability.

    Dialysis is a vital procedure for individuals suffering from kidney failure, but its high cost has been a barrier for many in Ghana.

    Public discontent is growing, with individuals and celebrities alike speaking out against the price hike.

    Actor, Farmer and politician John Dumelo called for the inclusion of dialysis treatment in the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to make it more accessible.

    KBTH has explained that the price increase was prompted by high taxes and import duties on consumables, which are no longer exempted.

    This development may soon affect other regional hospitals across the country, raising concerns about access to life-saving treatment.

    Additionally, Ranking Member on Parliament’s Health Committee, Kwabena Mintah Akandoh, has labeled the price increase as illegal, stating that the hospital should have consulted parliament before altering fees.

    What’s Happening ?

    The Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH) has drawn widespread criticism as it announces a substantial increase in the cost of renal dialysis, a vital treatment for individuals suffering from kidney failure. The decision has raised concerns about the accessibility of this life-saving procedure in Ghana, where many already struggle with the financial burden of healthcare.

    The dialysis Price has been increased from  GH¢380 that people can’t afford to GH¢765.

    KBTH responded to the backlash by disclosing that they had privately met with patients to discuss the fees. The hospital also resumed routine operations at the dialysis center after receiving essential renal consumables. Mustapha Salifu, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of KBTH, explained that the interruption in treatment occurred due to contractual issues with suppliers.

    KBTH’s Public Relations Officer, Mustapha Salifu, attributed the price hike to the removal of tax exemptions on consumables, citing high taxes and import duties. He warned that reverting to the old price might force the dialysis center to shut down in a matter of days.

    The concern is now whether this increase in dialysis costs will extend to other regional hospitals in the country, potentially limiting access to life-saving treatment for even more Ghanaians.


  • When will Nursing Admission start 2023/2024

    When will Nursing Admission start 2023/2024

    In an official communication from the Ministry of Health (MOH), nursing schools across the country are gearing up for the commencement of the 2023/2024 academic year.

    The first semester is scheduled to run from September 14th to December 23rd, 2023, spanning a total of 16 weeks.

    The MOH has outlined a comprehensive schedule of activities for the upcoming semester:

    MOH Validated Academic Calendar for Nursing Training Colleges 2023/2024


    The academic year kicks off with the reopening of nursing schools, scheduled for September 14th, 2023.

    Registration & Orientation: Following reopening, new and returning students will go through the registration process and orientation activities to familiarize themselves with the program and facilities.

    Matriculation: A key milestone in the academic calendar, the matriculation ceremony, will take place during this period.

    Lectures: Nursing students will commence their coursework and lectures to gain the necessary knowledge and skills for their profession.

    Mid Semester Exams: An important assessment checkpoint, mid-semester exams, will be held as part of the rigorous training.

    Intra Semester Practicum: Students will engage in practical training within the semester, applying their theoretical knowledge in real-world healthcare settings.

    Revision: To ensure that students are well-prepared for their final exams, a dedicated revision period is scheduled.

    End of Semester Exams: The semester will culminate in comprehensive final exams to assess students’ understanding and competency.

    The admission process for new students is already in progress, with admission forms having been sold. The release of the admission list for new students is expected shortly.

    Release of Admission is incorporated into this Academic Calender to allow first years to Join. Check your email for Admission Letter MOH Admission Status Checker 2023

    Second Semester

    Looking ahead to the second semester, it is slated to run from January 28th to February 2nd, 2024. This semester will also span 16 weeks and include the following activities:

    Vacation Practicum/Psychiatry Affiliation: Students will gain practical experience during this period.

    Reopening & Registration: The second semester will kick off with reopening and registration activities.

    Lectures: Academic instruction will resume for the second part of the academic year.

    Mid-Semester Exams: Another round of assessments will take place to monitor students’ progress.

    Intra Semester Practicum: Practical training will continue to reinforce skills and knowledge.

    Revision: Students will have an opportunity to review their coursework.

    End of Semester Exams: The academic year will conclude with final exams.

    The second semester will run from February 12th to May 31st, 2024, offering nursing students a comprehensive education and hands-on training to prepare them for their careers in healthcare.

    HTI Portal | MOH Admission Portal

  • Kintampo College of Health Admission Portal

    Kintampo College of Health Admission Portal

    For more on the Kintampo College of Health Admission Portal Visit the MOH Admission Status Checker For This Year

    Or the HTTP health training gov gh | HTI Portal

    You can follow the Procedure below to Check

    Go to your web browser

    Click on the COHK Portal 

    Enter ONLY your SURNAME or FIRST NAME and click on search.
    Click on Get Details against your name
    Log in with a code given to you through the admission letter
    Choose whether you need accommodation or not and click on Submit If you choose Yes,
    Book a room
    Click on print to print the room allocated to you.

    Here is the Direct Login to the Admission Portal

    Confirm invitation and attend an interview
    Check interview result
    Check and print out an offer letter
    Confirm Admission Fee
    Pay at the designated bank
    Report to college

    Major Expectations from You on Academics

    Report to school on time
    Attend classes
    Take part in quizzes and exams
    Pass your clinical
    Pass final exams


  • MP’s Heartwarming Initiative – Free Accommodation and Laptops for Nurses and Midwives

    MP’s Heartwarming Initiative – Free Accommodation and Laptops for Nurses and Midwives

    In a remarkable gesture of compassion and foresight, North Tongu MP, Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, has unveiled an initiative that is bound to win the hearts of many. This initiative promises to not only provide a warm welcome to newly posted nurses and midwives in the constituency but also address the critical issue of retaining healthcare professionals in Ghana.

    A Warm Welcome: Free Accommodation at Premier Hotels

    As part of this groundbreaking initiative, newly posted nurses and midwives arriving in the North Tongu constituency will be offered free one-month accommodation at three of the region’s leading hotels. This gesture aims to create a comfortable and stress-free transition for these healthcare heroes, allowing them to focus on their work and not worry about immediate housing concerns.

    The three esteemed hotels partnering in this noble endeavor are;

    Best Care Hotel in Battor,

    Royal Masito in Mepe,

    KOYA Lodge in Juapong.

    These establishments have joined hands with Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa to provide a safe and welcoming haven for our dedicated healthcare professionals.

    Empowering Our Heroes: Free L aptops

    But that’s not all. During their one-month stay in these top-notch accommodations, the newly posted nurses and midwives will also receive free laptops courtesy of the MP’s office.

    This invaluable tool will not only aid them in their healthcare duties but also enhance their professional development, enabling them to stay at the forefront of medical advancements.

    A Beacon of Hope for Healthcare Professionals

    The timing of this initiative couldn’t be more crucial. Ghana has been grappling with a significant exodus of nurses seeking better opportunities abroad. In 2022 alone, nearly four thousand nurses left the country in pursuit of higher-paying jobs overseas. High-income countries have been actively recruiting nurses from across Africa, creating a pressing need for innovative solutions to retain our healthcare workforce.

    With Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa’s initiative, there’s hope on the horizon. By providing these much-needed resources and support, this visionary MP aims to not only attract healthcare professionals to North Tongu but also ensure they stay and thrive within the constituency.

    UK puts Ghana, Nigeria, Zambia, Zimbabwe among 53 others on red amber list for health workers’ recruitment

    Joining Hands for a Brighter Future

    The MP extends his heartfelt gratitude to the District Health Directorate and the management of Best Care Hotel, Royal Masito, and KOYA Lodge for their unwavering support. Together, they are forging a partnership that will make a real difference in the lives of our healthcare heroes and, in turn, help save lives in North Tongu.

    How to Get Involved

    If you are a newly posted nurse or midwife or if you simply want to support this incredible initiative, you can reach out to the management of the participating hotels or the office of Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa for more information on how to get involved.

    Let’s share this heartwarming news far and wide, because together, we can create a brighter future for healthcare professionals and the communities they serve. 



  • Fake Doctor Arrested at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital – Full Story

    Fake Doctor Arrested at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital – Full Story

    Kumasi, September 4, 2023 – In a shocking incident at the renowned Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi, a 26-year-old man named William Cyril Cohen was apprehended on Monday, September 4, 2023, for impersonating a medical practitioner.

    Cohen, who had been conspicuously lurking around the hospital premises, allegedly masqueraded as a qualified doctor of medicine. His purported activities included admitting patients and administering medications without any legitimate credentials.

    The arrest took place when Cohen was attending to a patient in the emergency ward. A senior medical officer ( the Director ) noticed his suspicious behavior and approached him, causing the imposter to become visibly nervous and attempt to flee. Hospital security swiftly intervened and apprehended him.

    A video of the incident has since gone viral on social media, depicting Cohen wearing a hospital ward uniform while being detained by hospital security personnel, who later handed him over to the local authorities.

    The Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital is collaborating with the police to conduct a thorough investigation into this disturbing incident.

    In response to this alarming event, some patients at the hospital voiced their concerns, with one stating, “You’re the ones who administer fake drugs to us,” and another referring to Cohen as an “azaa man” and a “scammer boy.” The hospital’s management promptly took action, with the director engaging with Cohen to ascertain his identity and motives.

    Speaking on the matter, the hospital’s Public Relations Officer (PRO) emphasized the institution’s commitment to safeguarding its integrity. The PRO explained that stringent security measures are in place to prevent unauthorized individuals from infiltrating the hospital. Medical practitioners, including students, operate in teams with their respective lecturers, and access to sensitive areas requires team-based authentication, making it exceptionally challenging for impostors to penetrate the system.

    This incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of maintaining the integrity and security of healthcare facilities, ensuring that only qualified professionals provide medical care to patients.

    The investigation into William Cyril Cohen’s actions continues, with authorities determined to uncover the extent of his activities and hold him accountable for his actions.

  • A Sick Ghost Came to Seek For Medical Treatment

    A Sick Ghost Came to Seek For Medical Treatment

    Do the tales of the supernatural intrigue you? If you’ve ever doubted the existence of ghost stories, it’s time to immerse yourself in the haunting narratives shared by people on Abena’s Facebook Page.

    Within the realm of Ghost Diaries, individuals courageously unveil their eerie encounters, inviting you into a world where the extraordinary becomes reality.

    These chilling chronicles have already sent shivers down my spine, recounting incidents where the departed reach out from beyond the veil.

    Imagine conversing with someone, only to discover hours later that they’ve already passed away.

    Picture witnessing deceased loved ones perform familiar actions at home, as if life continues beyond the boundary of death.

    These stories and countless others await, eager to draw you into their enigmatic embrace.

    Allow me to share one such astonishing account: The Tale of the Seeking Spirit

    Dear readers, gather ’round as I unveil this riveting tale.

    A Sick Ghost Came to Seek For Medical Treatment


    Sister Abena let me share this story with you guys.

    I work in a district hospital on the outskirts of Accra. In 2013, I went to work and we prayed at the OPD with all the patients including those who came to seek medical treatment for their chronic illness and new patients.

    Work began steadily with everyone going about their normal routine within the hospital – I mean laboratory services, pharmacy department, consulting rooms, emergency department all commenced work on a usual busy Monday morning.

    I was in the consulting room with a Doctor seeing patients and pandemonium broke out. What happened? What happened? Were the questions we those who were not privy to the circumstances were now asking anxious onlookers and confused patients.

    There that, it was now made known that, one woman spotted a purported woman who passed on in one of the villages a few weeks ago but she came to hospital and saw this woman. She said, she saw this ghost and recognized her but the ghost didn’t see her. She dashed out quickly to make a call to inform relatives.

    She actually made the call and returned but couldn’t see this “ghost woman” again. There was indisputable evidence that, the ghost was actually attending the hospital to seek treatment because we found her insurance card and hospital OPD card bearing her name lying down where the said relative spotted her.

    From there, my respect to anyone entering hospital to seek treatment grew to the maximum level because you may never know whom you are attending to.🤪🤪🤪

    She never came back for the cards again up to date🤪

    To this day, those  unclaimed cards remains and serves as, a tangible link to the enigmatic day a spirit sought solace in our earthly realm.

    So, dear readers, as you venture deeper into Abena’s Facebook Page, be prepared to journey through the extraordinary. These stories beckon, urging you to ponder the mysteries that lie just beyond our senses, waiting to be unveiled.

    Source; Abena Manokekame

  • Free Surgeries at Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital Sponsored

    Free Surgeries at Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital: A Commitment to Healthcare Excellence

    Free Surgeries at Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital Sponsored; Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital, Ghana – In a demonstration of their unwavering commitment to healthcare excellence, Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital is proud to announce the forthcoming provision of free surgical procedures.

    This initiative, organized in collaboration with a team of skilled surgeons from the United States and the hospital’s own surgical experts, embodies the institution’s core values of people-centered care, professionalism, teamwork, innovation, discipline, and integrity.

    Mark your calendars for this exceptional healthcare endeavor, scheduled to take place in two batches.

    The first batch of surgeries is slated from 10th to 15th September, 2023, while the second batch will be conducted from 25th September to 1st October, 2023.

    This endeavor aligns with the hospital’s ethos of delivering quality care and fostering well-being within the community.

    The surgical procedures will address various medical conditions, including hernias, hysterectomy, prostate issues, lipomas, testicular/penis masses, and plastic surgery interventions, specifically burns or scars on the hands.

    Screening for these conditions will be available at Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital from 14th August to 1st September, 2023. Patients are encouraged to attend the screening to ensure timely identification and eligibility for the surgeries.

    The hospital administration would like to emphasize that while the surgeries are provided at no cost to the patients, certain ancillary services such as lab tests, imaging (x-rays), scans, oxygen therapy, and medications may incur charges.

    All patients participating in the surgeries are required to present a valid National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) card upon registration.

    Makwell Larbi (Mr.), Hospital Administrator acting on behalf of the Medical Superintendent, underlines the hospital’s dedication to delivering comprehensive and compassionate healthcare services to the community.

    “Your Health – Our Concern” stands as the guiding principle behind these altruistic efforts, and the hospital extends its heartfelt gratitude to the community for their support.

    For more information and clarification, please reach out to Ms. Christiana Poku at 0244962585. Stay informed and join hands with Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital as they pave the way for a healthier and thriving community.

    Contact Information:

    Address: Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital, Ghana Health Service, P.O. Box 26, Mampong – Akwapim
    Phone: +233 (0) 501580029
    GPS Address: E2-0607-3303



    Free Surgeries at Tetteh Quarshie Memorial Hospital Sponsored


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