Ghana Armed Forces Give Stance on Coup in Ghana

Ghana Armed Forces Give Stance on Coup in Ghana

15th September, 2023. The Ghana Armed Forces assures Ghanaians of no coups in a meeting with the GJA.

According to Vice Admiral Seth Amoama; Chief of The Defence Staff ”When it comes to coups and things
like that, Ghanaians should be assured that the Ghana Armed Forces is not interested.

The statement by Vice Admiral Seth Amoama, Chief of the Defence Staff of the Ghana Armed Forces, is a clear declaration that the Ghana Armed Forces have no intention or interest in carrying out a coup in Ghana. This is an important assurance to the Ghanaian people and a commitment to upholding the democratic principles of the country.

However, it is worth noting that some individuals and groups have expressed concerns about the statement, suggesting that it may have national security implications.

Arrest Corrupt Politicians

Additionally, it appears that there are calls for the military to focus on addressing corruption within the country, particularly among politicians, and to work towards recovering stolen funds. This reflects a desire among some Ghanaians for the military to play a role in tackling corruption, which is a significant issue in many countries, including Ghana.

The reference to recent coups in the African Sub-region, such as those in Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger, and Gabon, highlights the broader context of political instability and military involvement in some African countries. Ghana’s commitment to democracy is vital in ensuring that the country remains stable and free from such upheavals.

The main opposition political party has reassured Ghanaians of imminent change and unequivocally stated its opposition to any coup in the country. They emphasize the significant strides made in upholding democratic principles and urge Ghanaians to maintain hope for a transformative shift, with 450 days more to go.

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