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How to Start Blogging and Make Money Straight into Your Bank Account

How to Start  Blogging and Make Money Straight into Your Bank Account.

Lack of Knowledge my People Perish. We really lack Knowledge and Information, there are so many Information out there but we don’t have them.

Life is difficult in some part of the world, High unemployment Rate, our graduates are not getting Jobs, even when you get a Job, you are not paid well.  You can make more money Blogging than doing so many Jobs. All depends on how hard you work.

Many are making reasonable income from blogging just because they have been shown the way. You can Read more about blogging but starting it actually takes motivation from others. We all need a Mentor. Today seekersnewsgh is your mentor. Start work.


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Avenuegh shown us the way,  and we are also showing you the precise and accurate way to make additional income from Google.

You might need answers to these questions.  We will provide you with the most accurate answers. After reading this, you can start your own blog.

  • How to start a blogging business?
  • How to create a blog for free on google and earn money?
  • How to start a blog on facebook and earn money?
  • How to earn money with blogger in 12 minutes?
  • wordpress start a blog?
  • How fast can you make money blogging?
  • How to write a blog?
  • Become a google blogger?

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What is a blog?

You might see us publishing and sharing our thoughts or sharing information with you, not necessarily formal, like the Big news stations, usually informal but on regular basis, we call it blogging. This is done by an individual or group of persons in a conversational style.

Who can Blog?

Just as you have seen Doctors, Pilots, Teachers, Students, Carpenters doing TikTok and YouTube, You can also do same. It’s for everyone. Provided you want to do it.

How to start a blogging business

Starting a blogging business can be tedious or fun depending on what you are blogging.

It’s always not about starting, it’s about being able to maintain your pace and not giving up no matter how hard it becomes.

To Start a blogging business you need the following. 

A computer, Niche (Topic), Domain name, Hosting

A computer

A Desktop or Laptop can do but since it’s a blog which demands mostly regular updates, a laptop which is portable is preferable. You don’t need an expensive laptop for Blogging. Anything that you can use to type and and go on the internet. A Laptop like TM1 from KA Technologies can even do the work Perfectly.


This is your unique idea you wish to share with people whom you think will love it. It’s all about unique write ups that people love and you love too. If people love what you do and you don’t, You will stop eventually on the way. Select a topic you will find interesting and blog. It could be about Food, Dogs, about Plants etc. it must be unique.

A website

A website is where you will be making the publications to share with your audience. In creating the website you will need the Domain name and Hosting plan. We will Explain to you how to create website soon.

Domain Name

Every Business have a name, you need to choose a name for your blog and buy a domain for it. Our domain name eg is, we chose this for a reason, but you can create yours provided it has not be taken already by someone.


After choosing the domain name you need to Host it, there are lots of hosting platforms that will host for you. We will give you one of the cheap ones soon, you can select any hosting platform you want. A web host is a company that can store, maintain and manage access and traffic to your website. A web hosting service is necessary, it gives your website a home, and without it you wouldn’t be able to publish your site on the internet.


How to create a blog for free on google and earn money

A blogging platform is a web-based service that allows users to create, manage and publish blog posts. Most blogging platforms also include tools for optimizing your website with metadata, title descriptions and keywords that make it easy for search engines to identify what the page is about.

To create the Blog website

Search the company you want to buy the domain name from using NameCheap  as an example Buy domain name from here $0.98 namecheap

Search Namecheap o on google

Click on the name

On the site, the prices of various packages are there, choose the minimum first, for a year.

Click on domain

In the search, type in the Domain name you want

If it’s available you can proceed to buy.

You can pay with your Visa, the whole process is less than $15 Dollars depending on the company you choose.

You will need to provide your name and address in purchasing.

You can also watch Youtube Videos to understand better. or Join our Group to ask us questions directly.

Designing the website

There is a lot of  work involve when it comes to designing the website to look like what you want.

Many blogging platforms already come with pre-made themes that you can customize. A theme typically includes templates, layouts, colors, images and other features you need to format the website and its content.

You can install WordPress to make the designing easy and faster.

Many popular blogging platforms offer both free and paid options, including some of the most widely used sites like WordPress, Medium, Weebly and Blogger. There are also website builders like Wix and Squarespace, which require less tech-savviness.

Select a theme to use, there are available free themes that can be used

Design it to your preference

How fast can you make money blogging

To make money you need to

Post sponsored content

Sell products

Join affiliate programs

Google AdSense

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a google program that allows advertisers advertise on your published content and share the revenue. You make money as your traffic interact with the adverts. Simply put if no one buys from your site or learn from an advert on your site, you earn nothing. Sometimes about 2,000 people will visit your site and only 1 may do such or 100 people will come and 60 can click and buy from an Ad. Here is the part we say the Grace of the Most high.

You need traffic to increase your chance of making money but it’s also not traffic that can give you money. Confusing but it is what is it.

To be accepted into the Google AdSense, there are policies, Terms and Conditions from AdSense you must obey.

Some are, You must have quality content. You can’t copy people’s work and expect google AdSense to work with you.

Make time to create products that add value to your readers and visitors, preferably things that tie in with your blog. While these can be physical products — for example, books or photographic prints — they can also be digital products like PDFs or audio files that your readers can download.

Your site must have this pages, About page, Privacy policy or Terms and Conditions page, Contact Us page and  Your page must be categorized.

This is not a days Job, some for about a year and you have still not earn anything, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Your hard work will surely pay.

When your AdSense is approved, you will now start to earn money. You must strictly follow the policy guideline.

The minimum payable about is $100. Even when you get $99 it’s not payable. You must work hard.

Your target shouldn’t be the money, It should always be about the help you want to render to people thus Your audience. The money is just a Plus.

Join us For More updates.

Key notes

You can make income greater than what ever you are making now and become your own boss.

Select a topic you love and start writing or show people you can do online and get paid for it,

Buy domain name and choose and hosting Platform. in choosing a hosting platform, always select the one that can assist you if you get issues.

Choose where you want to blog, a blogging platform

Publish your quality content and monitor your audience response. we’ve got your back. If you can’t go through the stress of creating a website, others can create it for you at a fee. It’s usually charged per hour. But seekersnewsgh can also create one for you at a cool price. WhatsApp Us on 0550414552 seekersnewsgh  or WhatsApp group

more soon


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