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LTO Exam Answer Key English | E-Learning

LTO Exam Answer Key English | E-Learning

The answer key for the LTO Exam is typically not publicly available as it is intended for scoring purposes and to maintain the integrity of the examination process.

It is best to study and prepare for the LTO Exam using official review materials and resources provided by the Land Transportation Office or consult with a licensed driving instructor for guidance.

Use the CDE Online Validation Exam for your driver’s license renewal application.

The passing score to create a certificate

80% or at least 20 correct answers out of 25 questions.

There is no time limit to answer the questions.

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LTO Exam Answer Key English | E-Learning

Available  on E-learning Portal

CDE Online Validation

Driver’s License Renewal Course

LTO Client ID Tutorial

Driver’s manual

Licensing Information

Getting Ready to Drive

Driving Fundamentals

Road Courtesy and Safety

Rights, Duties and Responsibilities

Motor Vehicle Registration

Land transportation Related Laws

Fines and penalties for violations

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