Live results of NPP Super Delegate Conference 2023 Tie breaker



NPP Presidential Primaries  Election Results Live 2023  Flag Bearer for 2024

1. BAWUMIA – 629 votes – 68.15% 1st
2. KEN. – 132 votes – 14.30% – 2nd
3. ALAN – 95votes -10.29% – 3rd
4. AFRIYE AKOTO- 40 votes- 3.90% 4th
5. BOAKYE AGYAKO- 9votes- 0.98% – 5th
6. ADDAI NIMO -9votes – 0.98%- 5th
7. KWABENA AGYEPONG- 6  votes 0.35 %
8.JOE GARTHEY -4 votes  0.34%
9.KOJO OPOKU -3 votes  0.32%
10. APRAKU 0 votes 0.00%

In the recently concluded NPP Super Delegate Conference, the certified results have been unveiled, showcasing the preferences of the party’s delegates from all regional centers. The outcome reveals a clear picture of the voting trends for the party’s top contenders. Here are the detailed results:

  1. BAWUMIA secured an impressive lead, amassing 629 votes, which accounts for 68.15%, solidifying his position at the forefront.
  2. KEN. garnered 132 votes, translating to 14.30%, securing the second position in this tightly contested race.
  3. ALAN received 95 votes, making up 10.29% of the total votes, placing him in the third spot.
  4. AFRIYE AKOTO obtained 40 votes, representing 3.90%, landing him in the fourth position in the overall standings.
  5. BOAKYE AGYAKO received 9 votes, equivalent to 0.98% of the votes. However, in a unique twist, he graciously stepped down for ADDAI NIMO, who also acquired 9 votes (0.98%), resulting in a tie for the fifth position.
  6. ADDAI NIMO, benefiting from the step-down by BOAKYE AGYAKO, also secured 9 votes, or 0.98%, effectively sharing the fifth position.
  7. KWABENA AGYEPONG gathered 6 votes, constituting 0.35% of the total votes.
  8. JOE GARTHEY earned 4 votes, which corresponds to 0.34% of the votes cast.
  9. KOJO OPOKU received 3 votes, making up 0.32% of the total votes.
  10. APRAKU did not secure any votes, marking 0.00% in the results

Tier Breaker

Notably, the rules of the Super Delegate Conference stipulate that only the top five candidates are eligible to proceed to the next phase.

However, in this instance, a unique situation arose with two candidates, BOAKYE AGYAKO and ADDAI NIMO, both receiving 9 votes and 0.98% each.

To resolve this tie and determine the fifth contender, a tier breaker was invoked. Consequently, BOAKYE AGYAKO allegedly  took the admirable step of voluntarily stepping down in favor of ADDAI NIMO, showcasing party unity and cooperation as reported by some media houses.

This news has been widely lauded as a positive step in the right direction. It not only showcases the commitment of the party members to its values but also avoids unnecessary wastage of resources that would have been required for a potential runoff.

But a Publication made by the Office of Boakye Kyeremanteng Agyarko on 28th August, 2023 indicates,

Disregard any false information, I am Ready for the Run-Off.

The letter Reads,

”My Attention has been drawn to some claims and reports that I, Boakye Agyarko has withdrawn from the NPP Presidential Primaries.

I have  not made any such pronouncements with anyone or any media house. I am ready for the upcoming run-off scheduled for Saturday, 2nd September, 2023. ”

The NPP Super Delegate Conference results have set the stage for the next phase of the party’s internal selection process, to  bringing the top five candidates closer to their goal.

NPP Presidential Primaries  Election Results Live 2023  Flag Bearer for 2024


Live Results of the NPP National Delegates Conference 


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