More Refund of TM1 Over deductions to Teachers; second batch this month – GNAT

More Refund of TM1 Over deductions to Teachers; second batch this month – GNAT

In a recent update from the Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT), it has been announced that further refunds about TM1 over deductions have been initiated. The refunds, totaling GHC 45.55, were reported to have commenced in February 2024, with the remaining disbursements scheduled for March 2024.

This development follows extensive discussions and advocacy during GNAT’s NEC meetings, reflecting the concerted efforts of the union on behalf of teachers.

Regarding the distribution of TM1 laptops, it was highlighted that the rollout began with Senior High Schools, followed by Junior High Schools, and subsequently Primary and Kindergarten levels. However, despite progress, some teachers at the Senior and Junior High levels have yet to receive their laptops. Additionally, a significant number of teachers at the Primary and Kindergarten levels are still awaiting delivery of their devices, prompting ongoing pressure on the union for resolution.

Teachers Fund New Contribution Increment Portal 2024

Faulty TM1 and Refund

Moreover, reports have surfaced regarding issues with the laptops received by some teachers, citing damages or faults. Consequently, there is a growing demand for complete refunds due to concerns about the durability of the devices.

In addressing these concerns, KA Technologies has offered servicing free of charge for faulty laptops, provided the warrant card is available. However, in cases where the warrant card is unavailable, teachers may be subject to service charges.

Furthermore, a notice regarding the revision of prices for TM1 accessories has been issued by GNAT. The revised prices aim to ensure fair rates for TM1 users, fostering mutual benefits among the teaching community.

The GNAT General Secretary, Thomas T. Musah, expressed appreciation for the patience and cooperation of members throughout this process.

Revised TM1 Accessories Prices

Please note the revised prices for TM1 accessories, aimed at ensuring fair rates for our TM1 users and fostering mutual benefits:

  1. Laptop Screen (GOTOP/BMORN) – GHS 480.00
  2. Laptop Keyboard Black+Cover (BMORN) – GHS 400.00
  3. Laptop Keyboard Silver+Cover (BMORN) – GHS 400.00
  4. Laptop Battery (GOTOP/BMORN) – GHS 180.00
  5. Laptop Hinges – GHS 70.00
  6. Laptop LCD Cord – GHS 30.00
  7. Laptop Motherboard (GOTOP/BMORN) – GHS 1,180.00
  8. Laptop 256GB SSD (GOTOP/BMORN) – GHS 540.00
  9. Laptop Charger – GHS 75.00
  10. Laptop A Cover Black/Silver – GHS 40.00
  11. Laptop B Cover Black/Silver – GHS 40.00
  12. Laptop D Cover Black/Silver – GHS 40.00



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