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Parents Fear MoE / GES Sabotaging their Wards BECE Results and SHS Placement

Parents Fear MoE / GES Sabotaging their Wards BECE Results and SHS Placement

Many parents are concerned that the Ghana Education Service (GES) may negatively affect their JHS 1/2 wards’ BECE results and secondary school placement due to a GES circular requesting data on absent students during the BECE week.

2023 BECE results: GES fishing out JHS 1 and 2 students who ‘jumped’ class to write

According to Kofi Asare of Eduwatch,

Many parents have complained to Eduwatch about the fear of GES punishing their JHS 2 wards who wrote the 2023 BECE.

Their apprehension apparently is arising from a GES circular asking headteachers to provide data on absentee students during the BECE week. We must know the number that wrote the BECE from outside JHS 3; that data is necessary for any comprehensive cohort survival analysis.

The parents are worried the GES will negatively influence their ward’s BECE results or place them in low category SHS as punishment.

”Per my  little understanding of the assessment and certification system, the GES cannot influence WAEC’s BECE results.” Kofi Asare

The School Placement System is not a punishment tool. It places based on merit, with limited protocol allocations. I am not aware of any criteria that seeks to punish non-JHS 3 candidates. It would be unfair.

Listening to media commentary by some public MoE/GES Officers on the subject matter, it appears to me that there is policy position against non-JHS 3 students writing BECE.

It also appears parents are quite ignorant of the policy. It would be great to read it, if written, and possibly review same.

The MoE must communicate and justify clearly to stakeholders, especially parents, its policy position on non-JHS 3 students writing BECE in both private and public schools.

It would be very useful for stakeholders to engage the said policy to achieve a wider acceptance and compliance level, based on its merit.

If you ask me( Kofi Asare), for planning purposes, non-JHS 3 students sitting for BECE may affect fund allocation to secondary education. Expenditure projections at that level are made using JHS 3 enrolment data, not an unpredictable JHS 1 & 2 group of candidates

Let’s engage, but as we expect BECE results by Monday, there is no need for parents to be apprehensive. Acceprt your ward’s results as theirs.

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Source; Kofi Asare

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