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“Taboo Love: Professional Teacher Admits Deep Affection for Final Year Student, Seeks Guidance”

“Taboo Love: Professional Teacher Admits Deep Affection for Final Year Student, Seeks Guidance”

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”Counselor, I am a professional teacher of 25 years of age. I need to tell you the truth. I am deeply in love with a student of mine who is in her final year. I have tried several times to forget about her because of the problems that could arise from it. She also loves me, but I have tried several times to forget about her, but I am finding it difficult too. We really love each

Part of the Counselling 

“It seems to me that you are not yet ready for marriage. Dating is a way to get to know someone with the intention of getting married, but you are only looking for someone to satisfy your emotional and sexual needs. You are also messing with the wrong person – a student and a minor.

The professional code of conduct forbids you from having a relationship with a student, and the constitution prohibits you from having sex with a girl under the age of 18.

You said that she is in form 3, which means she will soon be 18 and out of school. I would advise that you put the relationship on hold until then. You also said that economic and educational status does not matter to you, but I would encourage you to take these factors into consideration when looking for a partner. You will thank me later.

Feelings are temporary things. They come and go. After the initial feeling is gone, reality will set in. This is when you will need to rely on what you want in a partner to keep the relationship going. Apart from her current looks and naive behavior, she is not what you want in a partner in terms of occupation. You also cannot predict who she will eventually become.

As a 17-year-old adolescent, she is still in the process of self-discovery. Her personality is not fully formed yet, so you do not know what to expect. She does not know what she wants in a man. If she later realizes that you are not the type of person she actually wants to be with, you may face challenges.

If you really want to marry her, you will need to play your cards well until she graduates and turns 18. You may also need to invest in her education and training to become what you want.

Ask yourself if you are ready for that journey of investment. There are already made women out there. Is it worth the stress? You decide.

Many colleagues have gone down that path. Consider asking them about their experiences.
I will leave it up to you to make your decision. If you have any further questions, I would be glad to help you out with it. Until then, have a good evening.

Here’s a counseling encounter the counselor ( Teacher) had with a colleague. The beginning in the picture, the conclusion in the text. Other conversation happened in between.

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August 5, 2023 4:45 pm
WHAT DO YOU SAY" Read more »

I will suggest the teacher takes the advice from the counsellor and suspends the dating for a while if truly the two of you are meant to marry, surely it shall come to pass. Thank you.

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