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Ghana Education Service – GES Code of Conducts For Teachers

Ghana Education Service – GES Code of Conducts For Teachers

The Ghana Education Service has established a Code of Conduct for its staff, emphasizing the importance of upholding high standards of behavior and conduct in the field of pre-tertiary education. This code outlines various sections, including definitions of misconduct, rules of conduct, penalties, responses to gender-based violence, procedures for enforcing the code, levels of authority for imposing penalties, petitions and appeals, and miscellaneous definitions.

The Education Service acknowledges its special responsibility in educating Ghana’s children and commits to protecting their rights, as outlined in international conventions and national laws. The code aims to provide a framework for maintaining competence and good behavior among staff members. It’s not just a means of imposing sanctions but also encourages personal improvement.

The rules and regulations in the code are designed to create and maintain conducive conditions for effective teaching and learning. They inspire confidence among parents and stakeholders in the delivery of education services. The code aligns with the Public Services Commission’s Human Resource Management Policy Framework and applies to all GES employees, including those involved in administration, teaching, and supporting services.

Furthermore, the code has been updated to address School-Related Gender-Based Violence (SRGBV), recognizing that both girls and boys can be victims or perpetrators. The code includes guidelines for responding to allegations of SRGBV, ensuring a confidential complaint process, thorough investigations, and appropriate reporting procedures.

The Ghana Education Service’s Code of Conduct outlines the expectations and responsibilities of its staff in maintaining high standards of behavior, protecting children’s rights, and addressing issues related to gender-based violence.


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