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ECG Short Code – Official For Payment, Staff Verification and More

ECG Short Code – Official For Payment, Staff Verification, and More

Explore the Official Electricity Company of Ghana -ECG Short Code Official code from the Company.

ECG’s cashless system ensures no MoMo or E-Levy charges for customers

The ECG PowerApp has been upgraded to provide a range of services, enabling customers to easily pay bills, view statements, access payment history, and even assist smart prepaid meter users in purchasing prepaid credits and monitoring their consumption patterns.

Utilizing the ECG PowerApp or the USSD short code, *226#, for transactions will not attract any mobile money charges or E-Levy fees.

How to Use the Short Code

Dial *226# on your phone.

  1. Pay Prepaid / Post Paid
  2. Check bank payment
  3. Refund
  4. Report Issues
  5. Verify Staff.

Pay Prepaid

Enter option 1

You must add your meter Number to the platform, if it’s your First time, Click Option 1 to Enter your Meter number to Proceed.

Report Issues

You can Enter option four to Report an issue.

issues like Fault/outage

Disconnection / new service

General enquiry

Theft / Staff misconduct

Staff Verification

If you doubt the ECG Personnel in your Home, kindly Verify their Identity through the Short Code. Ask them for their Verification code, Dial the ECG Shortcode and enter the code to Verify.

Enter a one-time staff verification code provided by staff to verify


You can download the ECG App onto your Phone to Use. Some Meters also come with their own Smart Phone, you can use those to purchase Power as well.



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