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Suck a Breast within this October Health Experts Advices Men

Operation Free the Breast.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Health Experts and CEO of Charmal Herbal Health Centre has Urged men to suck a breast within October as Part of Breast Cancer awareness month.

It has been explained that, Brest sucking is a major  way to help curb breast Cancer in women.

Sucking the breast keeps the breast healthier.

If you are a man try as much as possible even if you have not done it before this month try to suck it. You must also not squeeze the breast too much as this may cause pain.

Do Ghanaian Men like Breast?

Without breast, life will be very uneasy for most men in Ghana.

The female’s breast is the most relative organ hormones and thus most predisposed to medical conditions.

Most Ghanaian men will always choose a lady with big breast over the one with big brain.

There has been so many instances where Ghanaian men have emptied their bank  account for breast.

Speaking with some of them, they say “nothing is more exciting than to see those beautiful milk containers dangling free on the chest of women.

Some even said their only excitement is when they put their head on a lady’s chest, it boost their immune system.

They therefore entreat all their wives, concubines, girlfriends and mothers to take very good care of those twin towers on their chest.

They should use this breast cancer awareness month to go for breast screening for early cancer detection.

Breast aids procreation and must be given the maximum care and attention.


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