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NAPSA eServices Portal Login | Partial withdrawal online

NAPSA eServices Portal Login | Partial withdrawal online

The National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA) eServices Portal is an online platform that allows members of the NAPSA pension scheme to access various services and information related to their pension account.

Through the eServices Portal, members can perform tasks such as checking their account balance, viewing their contribution history, updating their personal information, and applying for various pension benefits.

NAPSA eServices Portal Login | Partial withdrawal online

The portal is designed to provide convenience and accessibility to members, allowing them to access their pension information at any time and from anywhere with an internet connection. It also helps to streamline administrative processes and reduce the need for manual paperwork.

To access the NAPSA eServices Portal, members need to create an account and login with their unique credentials. They can then navigate through the various sections of the portal to access the desired services and information.

Overall, the NAPSA eServices Portal is an important tool for NAPSA members to manage and track their pension accounts effectively and efficiently.

Login NAPSA eServices Portal

NAPSA pre retirement portal

Use the Portal Provided below

NAPSA partial withdrawal online

Use the Portal Provided below

Go to your web browser and search the NAPSA eService Portal

On the NAPSA Pre-Retirement Benefit Claim Portal

Provide  login with your eNAPSA credentials

Social Security number


To Make NAPSA claim use this NAPSA claim portal

 NASPA Login

Here is the Direct URL to NASPA Login


Before you login to the NAPSA Partial Withdrawal Portal, ensure that the security key on the URL is closed. Do not compromise yourself by providing your login credentials on an unsecure NAPSA Website.

If Possible when you receive calls from NAPSA officials You can request for the Name of the Official, End the call and Call the Office line yourself and speak with the Officer who called you, on the official Numbers and not on any Personal Line.


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