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How to find end portal in stronghold

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How to find end portal in stronghold

To find the End Portal in a stronghold, follow these steps:

1. Gather resources: Make sure you have a sufficient supply of torches, pickaxes, food, and any other necessary items before heading to a stronghold.

2. Locate a stronghold: Strongholds can be found underground, usually in the vicinity of a village, a mineshaft, or randomly generated in the world. You can either explore different cave systems or use an Eye of Ender to locate one.

– To use an Eye of Ender, craft it using an Ender Pearl and Blaze Powder. Right-clicking with the Eye of Ender in your hand will make it float towards the nearest stronghold. Follow its direction until it falls back to the ground, then repeat the process until it consistently points in one direction.

3. Dig and navigate: Once you’ve found the stronghold, start digging down in search of its entrance. Stronghold entrances are often connected to surface caves or ravines, so explore these areas as well.

4. Explore and secure the stronghold: Once inside the stronghold, light up the area with torches to prevent mobs from spawning and to make it easier to explore. Strongholds are usually maze-like and can be complex, so be prepared to navigate through various corridors and rooms until you find the End Portal room.


5. Look for the library: Strongholds often contain libraries, which can be a good indication of the nearby End Portal room. Libraries have bookshelves and sometimes have chests with valuable loot. Explore the stronghold thoroughly, checking each room and corridor.

6. Find the End Portal room: The End Portal room is usually located underground and has a distinct design. It contains a square room with a stone brick frame and a circle of End Portal frames, with a lava pool in the center. There are usually multiple frames empty, but some may already have Eyes of Ender inserted.

7. Activate the End Portal: If there are missing Eye of Ender slots, fill them with Eyes of Ender by right-clicking on the frame with the Eye of Ender in hand. You will need a total of 12 Eyes of Ender to activate the portal.

8. Survive the End Portal journey: Once the portal is complete, enter the portal to be transported to the End dimension. Be prepared for a challenging battle with the Ender Dragon.

Note: Strongholds generate randomly in Minecraft, so their location and layout will vary. It may require some patience and exploration to find the End Portal room in a particular stronghold.

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