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About the Smart Tablet SM1 ; Content on is from KG to SHS, Distribution and Who qualifies

About the Smart Tablet SM1; Content is from KG to SHS, Distribution and Who qualifies

The Smart Tablet SM1 is introduced as part of Ghana’s Smart Schools Project, primarily targeting Ghanaian students, especially at the senior high school level. It aims to digitalize education, extending the government’s Free Senior High School (SHS) initiative. The tablet specifications include a 10.1-inch screen, 4GB RAM, 128GB storage, solar chargeable power bank, Wi-Fi, and SIM card support, running on Android 12 with a customized Learning Management System (LMS). It has undergone rigorous testing for durability and sustainability.

Distribution is organized through the Ghana Education Service (GES) and TVET Regina stores, with devices assigned to specific students based on enrollment data from the Free SHS Secretariat. The tablets come preloaded with educational content from kindergarten to SHS levels, including videos, PDFs, and WAEC revision questions, with plans for continuous updates to meet evolving educational needs.

Regarding maintenance, there’s a one-year warranty covering factory defects, while user-induced damages incur costs. Students are allowed to take tablets home to facilitate continuous learning, with shutdown periods enforced between 10:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. to ensure adequate rest.

All public SHS/TVET schools are beneficiaries, with publishers retaining involvement in the project, ensuring copyright compliance. Measures are in place for lost or stolen tablets, including tracking software and support services for recovery.

The tablet’s use is restricted to educational purposes, with unauthorized content blocked, and teacher monitoring enabled. Overall, the initiative aims to enhance learning opportunities and accessibility for Ghanaian students through digital technology.

NB; The Tablet is the Property of the Government, after school, the subsequent batch will use the same tablet just as the Calculators provided earlier.


Here at some answered questions by the GSSP

What is the rationale behind the Ghana Smart School’s projects the answer given is that the Ghana Smart School’s project is an extension of government-free SHS projects being digitalized. Their objective is to empower Ghanaian students to learn the smart way with limitless boundaries.

Specifications of the tablet

The tablet has a screen size of 10.1 inch RAM 4 gig storage of 128 GB battery capacity is 3.7 volt/800 mAH lasting 7 to 8 hours solar chargeable power bank Wi-Fi SIM card supported and an Android 12 operating system customized LMS

What is the sustainability and durability of the tablet

The tablet has passed all quality tests durability tests stress tests etc comparably to every global brand depending on the user the SM1 tablet can at least the average lifespan of most tech products

What is the distribution plan?

The distribution faces tablets will be delivered to schools through GES/TVET Regina stores

Students’ enrollment data approved by the free SHS secretariat is preloaded into the distribution app every device serial number is then assigned to a specific student.
By this, we know the user of every device.

What is the learning content of the tablet?

A tablet has pre-install learning management system elements the platform is available both online and offline or current approved content by NaCCA has been uploaded on the platform.

Currently, we have content from kg to SHS on the platform that is video PDF waec revision questions.
Additional content would be uploaded to meet the changing needs of students in line with policy direction

Is the tablet here to replace textbooks

The answer will be a policy decision to replace textbooks by the Ghana education service and the Ministry of Education

Who pays for maintenance?

The SM1 tablet has a year warranty all device factory defects would be fixed at no cost to students however all user defects or problems caused by the user that student broken screen or liquid and keyboard

Will students keep tablets and take them home?

The objective of the project is to empower students to learn irrespective of whether they are on campus or at home in effect students will be allowed to take tablets home they’ll equally keep the tablet while on campus we are also able to lock all shut down the tablet to ensure student take enough rest and reactivated so the shutdown period is between 10:00 p.m. and reactivated at 4:00 a.m.

Can you provide all students with tablets should the rollout begin

Production and distribution schedules have been finalized yes every student will receive a tablet

What happens when a tablet breaks down

So GSSP has set up 24/7 online and in-person support 216 districts k a t care partnership to provide support to war customers government also creating support through PwDS to the betraying and assigned to beneficiary schools to provide support with mobile solar cures

Can students use a tablet for other things aside from educational content the tablet is strictly for learning and basic research until the Ministry of Education dimness to introduce new resources access to unauthorized site will be restricted so they will not be allowed to upload on authorized content on device teachers can monitor what happens on every device

Who are the beneficiary schools

All public SHS / TVET

What happened to publishers of textbooks that have been uploaded

Answer publishers remain key to this project the content has been paid for and we have a continuous working relationship with the publishers or copyright terms and conditions are observed.

What would a student do when he sees her tablet go missing

We have a process for handling theft device complaints ETC in the case of a missing tablet or tablet will be ensured that the tablet has tracking software the tablet can be disenabled in case it is not found



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