Man Sentenced to 12 Months in Prison with Hard Labour for Cursing Police with River gods

Man Sentenced to 12 Months in Prison with Hard Labour for Cursing Police with River gods

In a recent court case held at the District Court in Kasoa, a man named Amankwaa Joshua has been sentenced to 12 months in prison with hard labour for cursing Police with river gods. The case was presided over by His Lordship Stephen Ofori Akrasi, a District Magistrate. The accused pleaded guilty with an explanation, claiming that he did so to protect himself.

The prosecution, led by G/SGT Gabriel Ameyaw, presented the charge of offensive conduct contrary to Section 207 of the Criminal Offence Act 29/60 against the accused. The court found the explanation of the accused to hold no merit and ultimately declared him guilty.

According to the facts presented in the charge sheet, the accused invoked the names of three river gods, Ahwerewaa, Etwa, and Antoa, in a curse against the complainant. The accused allegedly became angry when he was the only one searched among a group of five individuals. The court noted the accused’s lack of remorse throughout the proceedings.

As a result, the accused, Amankwaa Joshua, has been sentenced to serve 12 months in prison with hard labour. The court deemed this punishment necessary due to the seriousness of the offence and the accused’s lack of remorse.

This case serves as a reminder that offensive conduct, such as cursing someone with supernatural forces, is punishable by law. The court emphasized the importance of maintaining respectful and peaceful interactions within society.

According to Oliver Barker-Vormawor

My attention has been drawn to the case above, where a judge has sentenced a man for cursing the Police.

Are there any other lawyers who from time to time, take up pro bono/indigent briefs? Please help. My hands are really really full.

The Facts as related by the brother of the accused are that.

“1. The accused is a driver, but he has no job. So a friend driver at Kasoa told him to be a conductor for his car and he accepted. On his way to his house. [after work], at Kasoa and some policemen stopped their taxi to search them so they took the bag with his belongings and poured his shirts and sponge on the floor, and didn’t find anything, so he said ohh “abae” you didn’t try at all there is no sense in this.

2. Immediately one of them slapped him from the back and another one slapped him again and they started beating him up, they dragged him on the floor to their car, through that pain, he pronounced curse on them with three different Rivers, and they took him to cells that evening.

3. The next day we heard it and went to the police station at Kasoa to plead on his behalf, it was to no avail, we came home, then Tuesday morning I called the CID to ask about my brother he said they are taking him to court that morning so we should meet him at Kasoa District Court Akweley.

4. When we got there, they didn’t allow us talk to him his Case was called and the Judge sentenced him to,12 months imprison. So please what do I do help me.😭😭😭😭

5. Pls any lawyer or police in the house that can help.
All this while I thought they don’t do spiritual issues in court. The judge said I am sentencing you, so go and curse me too.”

Man sentence to 12 months in jail for cursing a police man


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