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NaCCA Introduces a QR Code Scanner for Instructional Materials Verification

NaCCA Introduces a QR Code Scanner for Instructional Materials Verification


The National Council for Curriculum and Assessment (NaCCA) wishes to inform the general public about the
introduction of a uniquely designed QR Code Scanner to verify instructional materials (i.e. textbooks, teacher
guides, etc.) on the market.

The QR Code Scanner aligns with NaCCA’s commitments to promoting quality and effective education
delivery and improving learning outcomes at the pre-tertiary level (KG 1 – SHS 3).

This QR Code Scanner allows schools, teachers, parents, publishers and the general public to verify the status of instructional materials and ascertain in real time whether the material has received NaCCA’s approval.

This innovation enables people to make informed decisions, ensuring that teaching and learning
resources (textbooks, supplementary materials, workbooks, etc.) are utilised to meet the required standards of
the Standards-Based Curriculum (SBC) currently being implemented at the pre-tertiary level.

Also, starting January 2024, NaCCA will have all instructional materials approved affixed with unique
QR codes.

Nonetheless, previously approved materials by the Council would not have this feature.

NaCCA also would want to caution the general public to be wary of many unapproved materials
flooding the market with purported ‘NaCCA-GES’ approved seals to sway unsuspecting individuals and

Therefore, we implore the public to reach out to NaCCA or their respective district education offices if
they are unsure of the authenticity of any material.

NaCCA is dedicated to fostering transparency and accountability within the education sector, and this
QR Code initiative is a testament to that commitment. We encourage all stakeholders to take advantage of this
tool to contribute to the collective effort to enhance the quality of education in the country.

Furthermore, the public can access the NaCCA scanner and use for verification by following these

Step One: Type the domain name ( on your web browser to access the set-up link for the
QR Code Scanner.

Step Two: Click on the tab ‘Install’, which leads you to Google PlayStore or App Store to download the
application (NaCCA QR Code Scanner)

Step Three: It will automatically be configured and installed on your electronic device after successfully

Step Four: Open the running application now and place it on the QR code affixed on the cover page of
any instructional material (i.e. textbooks, supplementary readers, etc.)

Step Five: Click the ‘Scan Book’ button and wait a few seconds for a response.

Step Six: For materials assessed and approved by NaCCA, it would give up a command ‘Verified’ and

Download NaCCA Scanner for Verification of Books

NaCCA, per its mandate (Act 1023, 2020), wishes to reaffirm its commitment to ensuring curriculum and
assessment standards at the pre-tertiary level, excluding technical and vocational education and training.
Literacy House Complex, Off Independence Avenue, Accra


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