Driver Portal Login

DVLA Online Registration | Sign up and License Check 2024

DVLA Portal | DVLA Online Registration | Sign up and License Check 2024


The DVLA Portal | DVLA Online Registration | Sign up and License Check (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority) in Ghana is responsible for the licensing and regulation of drivers and vehicles in the country. It is the government agency that issues driver’s licenses, vehicle registrations, and permits.

The DVLA also conducts regular inspections and enforces road safety regulations to ensure the safe operation of vehicles on Ghanaian roads.

The DVLA has a portal that provides online services for drivers and vehicle owners. Through the portal, individuals can access various services, including driver’s license renewal, vehicle registration renewal, payment of roadworthiness fees, and the purchase of personalized number plates. The portal also allows users to check the status of their driving licenses and vehicle registrations, as well as access important information related to road safety and traffic regulations.

To access the DVLA portal, individuals need to create an account and register their details. Once registered, they can log in to the portal and carry out various transactions and access services provided by the DVLA. The online services offered by the DVLA portal aim to make it convenient and efficient for drivers and vehicle owners to interact with the authority and fulfill their licensing and registration requirements.

DVLA Portal Login


To login to the DVLA  Portal,

Go to the web Browser and search the DVLA  Portal.

Click on it, Provide Username and Password to Login.

You can also use the Direct URL Provided Below.

DVLA Online Registration

To Register or Sign up on the DVLA  Portal

Go to your web browser and  Search Register DVLA  Portal

Click on Sign Up

You can also use the Direct link Provided below.

Direct DVLA  Portal Login/ Register URL

Sign in or Signup to DVLA Portal For Free


For security reasons, before providing your login credentials on any portal, kindly check if the site is secured.

You can check by ensuring if the Locker before the URL is closed. Do not Provide your login credential or sensitive information on any website that is not secured.

DVLA Portal | DVLA Online Registration | Sign up and License Check


Do not hesitate to call IT team or the Office for Assistance. the DVLA   IT support and Office contact can be obtained on their official website.

DVLA license check

Driver Licensing

Foreign License conversion


International Driving Permit

Replacement of Lost license

New Drivers License

DVLA Online Renewal

Renewal of Driver’s License

Replacement of Old License

License upgrade

All these can be assessed online on the DVLA Portal. To learn more click on the DVLA portal signup Link above and click Home to Access the official DVLA Website page

Vehicle Licensing Includes

Change Of Use

Accident Procedure

International Vehicle Permit

Physical Conversion

Vehicle Registration


Trade Plates

Change Of Ownership

Vehicle Layoff

Note that some DVLA services are free and most are cheaper than what the ”Goro” boys have been charging. Go to the Office yourself.


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