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Bolt Driver Portal

The Bolt Driver Portal is a platform designed for drivers who work with the Bolt ride-hailing service. It allows drivers to manage their Bolt account, track their earnings, view completed trips, and access various tools and resources to help them optimize their driving experience.

Some key features of the Bolt Driver Portal include:

1. Trip History: Drivers can view a detailed history of their completed trips, including pickup and drop-off locations, mileage, and earnings.

2. Earnings Tracking: Drivers can track their earnings in real-time and view a breakdown of their income, including base fare, distance traveled, and any additional bonuses or incentives.

3. Ratings and Feedback: Drivers can monitor their passenger ratings and feedback to improve their service quality and maintain a high rating.

4. Support and Help Center: The portal provides drivers with access to Bolt’s support team and a comprehensive Help Center with frequently asked questions and guides on various topics.

5. Performance Metrics: Drivers can view their performance metrics, such as acceptance rate and cancellation rate, to better understand their efficiency and identify areas for improvement.

6. Account Settings: Drivers can manage their account details, including personal information, payment settings, and vehicle information.

The Bolt Driver Portal is a centralized platform that empowers drivers to easily manage their Bolt

Bolt Account Login

To Login into your Bolt Account

Go to your web Browser and search for the Bolt Driver Login Portal or the Bolt App

Provide your login credentials

Email or username Login


Phone number login

You can also click on email me a login link to get the Link to Login

Bolt Login Portal

Bolt Driver Registration/ Bolt Driver Signup

To signup to the Bolt Drivers Portal do the following

Either use the Bolt login Portal Provided above and Click on signup below the Credential space.



Go to your web browser

search for Bolt Signup

Launch and and Provide Registration details

Bolt Driver App

Bolt Driver App can be downloaded on the App Stores or on the website.

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