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Publish names of beneficiaries of National Rental Assistance Scheme – NATUG

The National Tenants’ Union of Ghana has called for the immediate publication of the names of beneficiaries under the National Rental Assistance Scheme (NRAS), organized by regions and communities.

Government has paid ¢13.7m as rent advance for Ghanaians – Housing Minister reveals

This call comes in response to former Minister of Works and Housing, Francis Asenso Boakye’s assertion that 1,492 citizens received a total disbursement of GH 19 million through the NRAS.

Launched on January 31, 2023, by the Ministry of Works and Housing, the NRAS aimed to alleviate issues related to rent advance payments in Ghana.

However, the National Tenants’ Union of Ghana, in a statement on Tuesday, March 12, expressed dissatisfaction with the report’s lack of specific details regarding the beneficiaries, as presented to the House.

To address this transparency gap, the Union is demanding the immediate publication of beneficiary names, organized by regions and communities.

This, they argue, will enable stakeholders to evaluate and contribute to shaping the policy for more effective implementation and impact.

Additionally, the Union is urging the Ministry of Housing to initiate a stakeholder engagement process and temporarily suspend the NRAS.

This pause would allow for a comprehensive review to address identified anomalies that could potentially hinder the scheme’s success.

Among the issues raised are the high 24% interest rate on the rent loan, non-refundable loan processing fees of GHC 100.00, and the duration for which rent advance payments are made to beneficiaries.

Source; Citinewsroom.com


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