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UMW Housing Portal

The University of Mary Washington Housing Portal provides access to the UMW housing websites and resources.

Through this portal, students can find information about the different housing options available, room assignments, meal plans, and more. Students can also access the portal to pay their housing bills and submit applications.

To access the portal, visit the UMW Housing website at https://housing.umw.edu/ and select the “Login” button. From there, students can log in with their UMW credentials to access the portal.

UMW Housing Portal

How to apply for housing

Every residential student must pay a housing deposit in the amount of $250 ( Subject to Review) either at the time of admission or upon returning to University housing. Students may not complete a Housing Application until a housing deposit is paid and processed, which takes roughly 48 business hours from receipt of deposit.

The deposit is held until the student departs campus housing. If there are no damages or other charges assessed on the student’s account at that time, the Office of Student Accounts will later process a refund. Students who are approved to be released from their Housing and Dining Services Agreement forfeit their housing deposit.

Newly admitted residential students must pay their housing deposit through the Office of Admissions.

Other Students

All other students requesting to live in University housing must pay their deposit directly to the Office of Residence Life and Housing with a $250 check or money order (credit card and EagleOne payments are not accepted). It should be made out to “UMW” with the student’s Banner ID number (beginning with “000”) in the memo line, and brought to Marye House or mailed to:

UMW Residence Life
Attn: Cecelia Burkett
1301 College Avenue
Fredericksburg, VA 22401

To pay a housing deposit in cash, please contact the office to make arrangements to bring exact change to Marye House.

UMW Housing Application Portal


Gather the information you need to complete your Application

Emergency contact information (opportunity to review it for accuracy in the Application process)
Missing Person contact information
Personal cell phone number
Roommate request information


Log in to the Housing Portal. This can be completed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Click on “UMW Student SSO Login” and enter your UMW NetID and password.


Click on “On-Campus Housing and Dining Application” in the menu bar and then select the appropriate term.

You will navigate through the Application process based on your classification. Be sure to read the text on all pages as it will provide guidance for what to do. Since the Application is tailored based on your classification and how you answer certain questions, it’s important to understand each step thoroughly.

If you have any questions regarding the housing application process, please contact the Office of Residence Life and Housing ([email protected], 540-654-1058).

Make sure to answer all of the questions and supply accurate information on the Application. We make room assignments based on your profile information, so be sure to answer profile questions honestly.

When your Application and contract are complete, click the final submit button. You will end up on an application status page that states your application is complete.

If you want to edit any of the Application information you can use these directions to access your account and make necessary updates or changes. Changes can be made to your profile questions, preferences, and roommate selections up until the application has closed.

Prior to Housing Selection

Creating a Roommate Group

In order to form a roommate group, a student will need to log into the Housing Portal and navigate to the Roommate Group Page. On that page the person who creates the group will automatically be set as the group leader.

In order to form a roommate group, a student will need to log into the Housing System and navigate to the Roommate Group Page

Housing Portal page about searching for and joining a roommate group

You can change the leader at any time after the group is formed. Each roommate group will have their own unique name. This name is how potential members will find and join an open group.
Finding and joining a roommate group

Once the leader has set a name and password for the group, they can search for potential members in the system and send out invites, or they can add members to their group directly.
Once the leader has set a name and password for the group they can also search for potential members in the system and send out invites, or they can add members to their group directly.

How to search for a roommate

Each person will need to log into the Housing Portal, search for the roommate group by name, and log in with the password the leader set when they created the group.

If you have been invited to join a group, you will receive a message from the group leader in your “Notifications” tab on the portal. Please note that you must go into the Portal to your roommate group page and join the group.

UMW Housing Portal URL https://www.umw.edu/residencelife/residence-halls/

UMW Housing Phone Number

If you prefer to talk, please stop into Marye House during normal business office hours, or call 540-654-1058. Our fax number is 540-654-1527.


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