Sarkodie drops a new song bashing Bawumia and Akuffo Addo going to IMF (Video)

Ghanaians requested for it, and now rapper Sarkodie, actual name Michael Owusu, has given them what they want; a song criticising the administration and addressing the country’s economic woes.

A song written to criticise the faltering New Patriotic Party has a leaked excerpt that features rapper Sarkodie.

After receiving repeated criticism from NDC supporters for pretending not to notice the struggles Ghanaians are facing, King Sark, who has been silent for some time, decided to enter the studio and do what he does best (spoke for the masses through music).

He expresses his dissatisfaction at how the government is running the country and makes subtle jabs at President Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo’s administration.

Sarkodie talked about political vigilantism, the “no employment syndrome” in the country, and corrupt leaders that drive the economy into a ditch with their wasteful spending in the song.

He lauded Dr. KWAME Nkrumah, the country’s first leader, and stated his passing was a great loss because succeeding leaders had only brought Ghana backward.

This will be Sarkodie’s first song to discuss issues in the nation under the leadership of Akuffo Addo. In order to comment on current events, he published three songs: The Economy, Inflation, and Dumsor while John Mahama was president.

Here is a song sample you can listen to. Sarkodie’s entire song: https://fb.watch/e7BHf3r29X/


CREDIT; sarkodiegh



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