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Student Finance Refund from SLC 2023/2024

Student Finance Refund from SLC

Use this form to ask the Student Loans Company for a refund for a previous tax year. Only do this if you’ve made a repayment and your income was below the annual repayment threshold.

If you’ve made a repayment to your student loan in a previous tax year but your income was below the annual repayment threshold, you could get a refund.

Find out what the previous annual repayment threshold was for Plan 1, Plan 2, Plan 4, and Postgraduate student loans.

Remember if they refund you, the amount you get will be added back onto your total balance.


How to ask for a refund

To ask for a refund you should follow these steps:

Complete all sections of the Refund Request Form and check your changes are saved.

Return the form by email to [email protected]

You’ll get an automatic reply to confirm we’ve received it.

Please don’t send your bank details by email, you can check and change your bank details using your online account.

Access the forms on the Official Platform here


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