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“Note that whatever information you provide in your loan application would be used in assessing your financial needs. It is in your best interest to provide accurate information in the course of filling this application. However, you are liable and may be prosecuted, if found to have provided any false information with regards to your loan application.

2022 Students Loan Application Opened. Apply Now.

With respect to this application, the SLTF shall share information provided in this application form with relevant 3rd parties for the purpose of processing, disbursement and recovery of the loan.

SLTF shall publish your name, address, photograph and amount owed in the National Media if you default in repaying your loan.”

Names published on the student loan website for defaulting-Full list of defaulters in Ghana


Visit the students loan website to create the account.  or click to https://application.sltf.gov.gh/ui/studentregistration

Enter your firstname

The name, the spelling and arrangement must be correct. It must correspond to your name on the admission letter and SNNIT Number.

Enter your middlename

Enter your lastname

Select your date of birth


Your date of  birth must be very correct. It must be the same on your SNNIT Documents and Your university Admission details

Enter your Email Address

Confirm Email Address

Enter your phone number

Confirm phone number

Enter your student identification number.

School Information

Select region of school*

Select your school*

In selecting the school you must be careful, The main campus and Distance campuses are not the same eg

UEW, DL Winneba means University of Education Distance Learning Winneba.  There is an option for main campus be careful.

User Account Information

  • Enter your Ghana Card Number
  • Confirm Ghana Card Number
  • Enter your E-Zwich Number
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • I agree to the terms of service
    NOTE: Verification Code will be sent to your Email or Mobile Phone Number. Please allow 5-10 minutes for the code to arrive.

It is only when you agree to the terms the creation you can create the account.




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