Two students allegedly of Kinbu SHS caught on live camera having affair in an open area in School -Video

Two students allegedly of Kinbu SHS caught on live camera having affair in an open area in School -Video

In a shocking turn of events, Kinbu Senior High School has found itself thrust into the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Recently, a video has surfaced online capturing two students engaged in inappropriate behavior in a public area of the school premises while a school program was underway.

The footage, which has rapidly circulated on social media platforms, depicts the clandestine rendezvous of the two students in a seemingly deserted corridor. Despite the event being in full swing, the students brazenly disregarded their surroundings, oblivious to the prying eyes of an unidentified individual who covertly filmed the encounter.

What makes the situation even more concerning is that both students were partially clothed and appeared to be carrying their bags, indicating that this behavior occurred during school hours. Understandably, the emergence of such footage has sparked widespread concern among parents and guardians, who fear for the moral integrity of the school environment.

Calls have been made for swift action from the school authorities to identify and discipline the students involved. Concerned stakeholders are urging Kinbu SHS to uphold the values of discipline and integrity that are fundamental to the education system.

In light of this incident, students are reminded to familiarize themselves with the Discipline Toolkit published by the Ghana Education Service, emphasizing the importance of maintaining appropriate conduct both on and off school premises.

For those seeking further details on this developing story, exclusive coverage can be found on our channel. Click here to watch and stay informed.

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GES Positive Discipline Toolkit All details ; Punishment to give to students

Download New GES Code of Conduct for Students and Parent Association Operational Guide


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