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12 SHS 2 Students Stabbed by SHS 3 students

12 SHS 2 Students Stabbed by T.I Ahmadiyya SHS 3 students

Five Gomoa Potsin T.I. Ahmadiyya Senior High School students have been arrested for their involvement in a violent attack that led to the injury of some 12 Form 2 students.

The suspects, mostly Form 3 students, carried out a nighttime attack on the Form 2 students at their dormitory in revenge for an earlier altercation between their colleague and a junior student.

The attackers, led by some final-year students, took advantage of the darkness on campus immediately after the sirens were signaled for lights out and launched the strike on the unsuspecting SHS two students, who were already in bed at the time.

They stabbed some of the victims with knives and struck others with clubs. They also blurred the vision of their victims with flashlights.

Even though the school’s security team and the Potsin Neighborhood Watch Committee responded swiftly, the attackers successfully injured 12 of their colleague students.

The victims were rushed to the Potsin Polyclinic for treatment.

According to a report by  Citi News the assault was revenge for an earlier altercation between an SHS 2 student and an SHS three student in which the SHS 2 student slapped his senior on Friday, September 8, 2023.

Even though a member of the striking team had clandestinely hinted to some of the SHS two students about the planned assault, they kept the news to themselves until the event unfolded.

In a related development, another student who was returning to campus from town was also attacked by some unidentified persons who stabbed him and took away his mobile phone late Saturday evening.

The school’s security team, in collaboration with the Gomoa Potsin Neighborhood Watch Committee, conducted investigations that led to the arrest of the five students.

They have been handed over to the Gomoa Potsin police for further investigations.

Even though school authorities have remained silent on the happenings, according to Citi News parents of the suspects have been invited and a committee is being set up to look into the matter.

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