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15 % COLA – 48.7% Water + Electricity Tariff = Neg 33.7%; Government Impoverishes Ghanaian Public Sector Workers perpetually

Electricity, water tariffs increased by 27.15%, 21.55% respectively; effective September 1.

In a write up, the public believes ”Government Impoverishes Ghanaian Public Sector Workers perpetually

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In recent times, Ghanaian Public Sector Workers demanded 20% *COST OF LIVING ALLOWANCE* (COLA) but Government finally agreed on paying 15% which will take effect from August 2022. Explain to Public Sector workers not to expect 15% increase in net Salary

But PURC just announced 27.15% Electricity and 21.55% water tariffs *totaling 48.7%* effect next month(September).

When we subtract 15% – 48.7% = -33.7.

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So with the above figure, Ghanaian Workers are paying negative -33.7% after collecting their 15% COLA this month.

Meaning the new utility tariffs would swallow the entire COLA and more.

These are calculations made on social media.

In reality, the calculation is wrong but gives us a sign that even with the 15% COLA, we have nothing.

In reality, 21% and 27% increase in tariff does not only affect them, it also affects the cold store fish we buy, photocopies we do, etc all products that depends on these items, we will see their prices also going up by similar percentages.

Therefore ,Ghanaian Workers must find out some extra works to do to cover up the extra tariffs when petrol and others are hitting hard.

Coming back to square one.

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