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CIA Spy Device – Insectothopter

CIA Spy Device – Insectothopter Developed in 1970

CIA Spy Device - Insectothopter

Developed by the CIA’s Office of Research and Development in the 1970s, this micro unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was the first flight of an insect-sized vehicle (insectothopter).

It was intended to prove the concept of such miniaturized platforms for intelligence collection. The original listening device was disguised as a bumblebee, but the dragonfly design was easier to maneuver.

Insectothopter had a miniature engine to move the wings up and down. A small amount of gas was used to drive the engine, and the excess was vented out the rear for extra thrust. The flight tests were impressive. However, control in any kind of crosswind proved too difficult.

Although the museum is not open to the public, they share new artifacts to give you a virtual peek inside.

Source;Insectothopter – CIA


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