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How to Check if Your Ghana Card is Linked to CAGD to Avoid Salary Issues in 2024

How to Check if Your Ghana Card is Linked to CAGD to Avoid Salary Issues in 2024

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Check List of Staff on GoG Payroll Captured without Ghana Card Linked to CAGD


New; 2024 Salary of All Government Workers; New Steps to Link Ghana Card Number to IPPD Payroll by CAGD

CAGD has now Updated the Epayslip Portal where you can see your Ghana Card Details

The system, undergoing an upgrade but you can still see the Ghana Card icon, which was previously not there.

  1. The surest way is to register for the Ghana Card if you haven’t done so already, there will be automatic Updates of systems. Check your Epayslip Portal to see the Ghana Card icon. GOGPAYSLIP E-Payslip Login Portal
  2. Just Login and Scroll Down
  3. Existing staff who do not have their NIA numbers on the payroll will be required to go to any NIA office to register and submit their Ghana card numbers to the nearest HR processing centers or their institutions to be captured into the payroll system.

CAGD has asked the HR of the various institutions to compile the list of affected workers and submit it to the Office.

Check through the list, if your name is part, give your name, and Ghana card ( NIA Number ) to your head or whoever is assigned to do so. Deadline is given.

Details will be submitted to CAGD on your behave.

Do not submit names to anyone who is not in your institution.

CAGD will never call you directly, do not pick up calls claiming to be from them.

You don’t need a password to Link your Ghana Card to the Controller, report anyone who will ask you for a password.

Share this message with colleagues. 

From time to time, existing staff will go through continuous re-verifications at the request of the Controller and Accountant-General to enable them to continue to enjoy salaries.

Link Ghana card to SSNIT and Controller

SSNIT Ghana Card Number Dial *711*9# and click option 2 to get started.

After linking, your new SSNIT Number will be your Ghana Card or NIA Number and since this is already integrated into the Controller Payslip, automatic synchronization will be done.
You can verify this on your SSNIT estatement sent to your email at the top right corner of the statement. Check the procedure here SSNIT: How To Access Your E-Statements and Check Your Contribution

Missing Ghana Card

“If your NIA card is missing, it does not mean your number is missing. Your number is still on the database, and we can always cross-check and if we are in doubt, then we invite the person physically to come and do validation,”

2024 Proposed dates for Validation, Salary Payment to Public sector workers

We want to bring to your attention a crucial update regarding public sector workers in Ghana. A letter published earlier by the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) states that starting February 2024, government employees on the central payroll without their National Identification Authority (NIA) Numbers linked to their names will face salary payment issues.

CAGD; No Salary for Public Sector Workers Without NIA numbers Effective February 2024 

The mandatory integration of the Ghana Card as a vital identification requirement began with the 2020 batch of civil and public service recruits.

CAGD made it compulsory for employees to register with their Ghana Card numbers as part of the employee registration process.

For subsequent recruitments, the NIA Number was automatically captured without the need for separate biometric data capture.

Before the 2020 batch, the CAGD organized compulsory NIA Number capture sessions for all workers, and special registrations were conducted for public sector workers without NIA Numbers. Employees were given multiple opportunities to complete the registration process if they couldn’t do so initially.

The various District / Regions also captured recent data which also included the NIA Numbers.

CAP 30 Pension Beneficiaries were required to undergo a verification and data capture process at specific locations,


1. The CAGD Head Office Annex, Room 103
2. CAGD Regional Offices
3. Various Pensions Associations Offices/Meeting points
4. Finance Offices of all Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies (MMDAs)

This verification exercise spans two (2) months, commencing on the 3rd of July and ending on the 31st of August 2023.

CAGD Release: CAP 30 Pensioners National Identification Card / Biometric Data Verification Exercise ;

A recent directive from the CAGD instructs all its workers and Government of Ghana (GOG) employees to register at any of the 292 NIA offices nationwide.

The Automatic synchronization of NIA and CAGD data aims to capture all registered individuals.

To ensure you are not affected, consider the following steps:

  1. If you were recruited after 2020 and your documents submitted to CAGD include Ghana Card details, you are likely safe.
  2. If you specifically visited the office for data capture, you are likely included.
  3. Visit the CAGD office to confirm your status.
  4. The surest way is to register for the Ghana Card if you haven’t done so already, there will be automatic Updates of systems. Check your Epayslip Portal to see the Ghana Card icon. GOGPAYSLIP E-Payslip Login Portal 2024
  5. Update your documents at the administrator’s or head office after acquiring the Ghana Card Number.

Busted -Over 500 People with Multiple Employee identities and Account Numbers on Payroll -CAGD

2024 GES Data Collection Exercise on Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff

For CAGD contact information and regional addresses, please refer to Contact; Click here for CAGD contact and Regional Addresses / Locations

This serves as a final reminder, and we encourage all affected individuals to take the necessary steps to avoid disruptions in salary payments.

We remain committed to providing timely and relevant information to our readers.

Clarification on January 2024 Salary for Heads/ Teachers who fail to complete School Census on EMIS


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