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Director Withdraws Query Letters for Over 20 Teachers in Ablekuma

Director Withdraws Query Letters for Over 20 Teachers in Ablekuma



In a recent turn of events, the Director of Education for Ablekuma West Municipal, Christlantulius Aforlah, has officially withdrawn the query letters that were issued to more than 20 teachers in the district.

These letters had been sent out in response to the teachers’ failure to attend a Thanksgiving service at the director’s invitation.

The query letters were shared widely on social media, sparking concerns about the teachers’ rights and working conditions. This incident raised questions about the overall treatment of teachers by education directors in Ghana.

In a public statement dated 17th October 2023, Director Christlantulius Aforlah stated that he had not ordered the issuance of these query letters against the teachers and called for their immediate withdrawal.

The letter Reads,


”My attention has buen drawn to a query letter that is in circulation on social media as having
been seved served some headteachers and teachers of sone public basic schools within the Ablekuma
West Municipaal  Education Directorate on the grounds that they failed to attend the Beginning of a New Academic Year Thanksgiving Service

To the best of my knowledge, I have not ordered anybody to take such an action against any
teacher on my belhalf. Hence, I call on those behind the issuance of the query to withdraw it with
immediate effcct”.

This development comes in the midst of growing concerns about teacher intimidation and misconduct within the Ghanaian education system.

The withdrawal of the query letters is a significant development in this ongoing issue, but it also highlights the need for greater accountability and positive change within the education sector in Ghana.

The incident has prompted calls for teachers and educational authorities to be familiar with the GES Code of Conduct and for teacher unions to investigate similar cases of teacher intimidation.

The education community and the public will be closely monitoring the situation as it continues to unfold, with the hope that it will lead to a more respectful and supportive working environment for teachers in Ghana.

Over 20 teachers queried after failing to attend Thanksgiving service by their District director

Teacher Professional Development Telegram 

Ghana Education Service ; GES Code of Conducts For Teachers


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