EC 2023 Short Code and Process to Verify your Voter ID Details without Visiting Exhibition centres

EC Short Code and Process to Verify your Voter ID Details without Visiting Exhibition centres

The Electoral Commission has begun the exhibition of the provisional voters register which started from November 3 to Tuesday, November 7, 2023, at all the 38,622 polling stations across the country.

This forms part of prepara­tion towards the conduct of the district level elections slated for Tuesday, December 19, 2023, a Deputy Commissioner in charge of Operations at the Commission, Samuel Tettey, said at a news con­ference in Accra yesterday.

The exhibition exercise starts at 7 a.m. and ends at 6 p.m throughout the period of the exercise.

The purpose of the exhi­bition exercise is to allow pro­spective voters to verify their details i.e. name, age, sex etc. as captured during the registration exercise and make requests for amendments or insertions where necessary and whether they were assigned to their correct polling stations or not. They are not to go to the District Offices to verify their details,

What can be Done?

At the exhibition centre, requests like inclusion of omitted names, objection to names of unqualified voters on the register, removal of names of deceased voters from the register, and replace­ment of poor quality or damaged Voter ID Cards, could be made.

Correction to wrong spelling of names, correction to wrong registration centre codes, amendment to other reg­istration details like age and sex which may have occurred as a result of clerical error can also be made, he said.

District Registration Review Officers who are District Court Magistrates have been appointed in all the 268 districts to receive the provisional voters registers and other lists and forms containing complaints and objections that were raised by voters during the exhibition exer­cise from the District Officer and make a determination on each of the cases and endorse each page of the register to authenticate it.

Voters are advised to go to the exhibition centres with their voter identity cards to verify their de­tails, adding that registered voters who failed to bring along their Voter ID Cards could also verify their details.

Verify for a Friend

It is also al­lowed,  for people to verify the voter details of a rela­tion or friend but one cannot request for corrections in the absence of the owner of the Voter ID Card.

Change of Details

To effect major changes or corrections, for example, com­plete change of the name of a voter or addition of new names, change of polling station code, change of photographs and inclu­sion of omitted names, the voter is required to go to the District Office of the Commission for a biometric authentication of the voter before the change is effect­ed,

To ensure the transparency of the exercise, he said, persons ac­companying registered voters who are physically incapacitated and persons accredited by the Com­mission, including party represen­tatives, journalists and observers could also visit the exhibition centres.

EC Short Code to Verify Details

For those who can’t visit the centre, he said they could do so through the short code *713*81# for a fee of 0.60p.

Dail the short code

Enter your 10 digit voter ID number

you’ll be charged 0.60p to receive your voter verification Details.

  1. confirm
  2. cancel

After payment confirmation, your voter ID Details will be sent via SMS.

If Payment prompt is not sent go to your momo wallet to approve.

Prompt Message

Voter’s ID number;

Name ;



Polling Station ;



Report any errors to the officer at your exhibition centre.



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