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Fish Farming WASSCE Objectives Integrated Science 2024 Target

Relax and go through these questions on fish Farming, they are all WASSCE Objectives on the topic.

Answers have been provided below each question, just after learning the topic, go through more objectives and be familiar with the nature of questions asked.

These questions are obtained from the WASSCE Pass questions and the answers from the Marking Schemes.

However, should you disagree with any of the answers, quickly alert us to confirm if it’s not typographic error, we will explain things to you.

1 `which of the following method of processing fish requires the lowest form of investment?

A. Sun drying

B. Canning

C. Smoking

D. Irradiation

Answer A. Sun drying 

2 Fingerlings are not fed for some time before transportation in order to

A. Make the fingerlings to remain calm during transportation

B. Reduce the Amount of faecal contamination of the water during transportation.

C. Make it possible for the fingerlings to eat any food given to them on reaching their new ponds.

D. Enable them to adapt to the conditions in the container.

Answer B. Reduce the Amount of faecal contamination of the water during transportation. 

3. Water flowing from river into fish ponds should be screened to

A. Make the water clean

B. Prevent over flooding

C. eliminate water weeds

D. eliminate stray fish

Answer D. eliminate stray fish

4. Lime is applied to fish ponds to

A. destroy parasites

B. kill aquatic weeds

C. Kill aquatic insects

D. increase the level of dissolved oxygen

Answer D. increase the level of dissolved oxygen

5 If a fish pond is stocked with calarias and tilapia, the presence of the calarias will cause

A. a decrease in tilapia

B. An increase in the acidity of the pond water

C. An Increase in the alkalinity of the pond water

D. an increase in plankton population in the pond.




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