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Revised: Guide to Attaining the Position of Head of Department in the GES

Revised: Guide to Attaining the Position of Head of Department in the GES

Here is an updated approach to achieving the role of Head of Department within the Ghana Education Service (GES).

The position of Head of Department (HOD) is an internal role within schools, generally without specific qualifications as long as one has been a staff member for a certain period.

Typically, the appointment of HODs is at the discretion of the school’s head, who selects teachers deemed suitable for the role. Interestingly, individuals in lower ranks may be chosen over those with higher ranks, especially if they have been with the school for an extended period and have received positive recommendations from previous Heads.

To maintain harmony among staff, some Heads adopt specific criteria for HOD appointments.

These criteria may include being at a minimum rank of ADII or higher, and the appointment may be for a fixed term of two or three years.

This structured approach ensures a rotation of individuals in the HOD position, providing opportunities for career advancement when higher positions become available.

Revised Professional Ranks Placement in GES and Promotion Criteria.

It’s important to note that there is no standardized procedure for appointing HODs; rather, these positions are internally arranged by the collective decision of the school staff and the Heads.

In your perspective, what do you believe is the most effective method for appointing Heads of Departments?



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