Driver Portal Login

FreeNow Driver Portal Login

FreeNow Driver Portal Login

The FreeNow Driver Portal is an online platform for drivers who partner with FreeNow, a ride-hailing service. It provides drivers with access to important information and tools to manage their driving business efficiently. Some key features of the FreeNow Driver Portal may include:

1. Earnings and Invoices: Drivers can easily track their earnings and view detailed invoices for their rides.

2. Availability and Online/Offline status: Drivers can set their availability for accepting rides and toggle their online/offline status.

3. Trip History: Drivers can view their past trips, including details such as pickup and drop-off locations, distances, and fares.

4. Notifications and Communication: The portal may have a messaging system where drivers can receive important announcements and communicate with FreeNow support.

5. Performance and Ratings: Drivers can monitor their performance metrics, such as their average rating, and take steps to improve their service quality.

6. Account and Profile Management: Drivers can update their personal details, upload necessary documents, and manage their banking information.

7. Support and Help Center: The portal may have a dedicated section for drivers to access FAQs, troubleshooting guides, and contact support if they encounter any issues.

The exact features and functionalities of the FreeNow Driver Portal may vary, as the platform is constantly evolving

How do I access the FREENOW Portal?

FREENOW has a web portal through which:

If you are a driver, you will be able to access all the information related to the services carried out (the same information that appears in the “Trips” section of the app).
If you are a licence holder or authorised, you will be able to access all the invoicing for any period and at any time.

To log in, follow these steps:

Open up the FREENOW Portal
Select the appropriate tab and enter your username and password: if you are a Driver, use the same keys as in your application; if you are a Company/license holder, use the data from your registered company account
Finally, click on “Sign in”

If you have forgotten your password, click on “Forgot password?”.

If you still do not have a username and password or if you have problems accessing the portal, contact our Driver Services team. They will provide you with the username and password.

FreeNow Drivers Portal  Login  | Free now sign up

Free now Ireland

Go to the Web browser and search Free Now Ireland

You will be redirected to

Where you will be able to access the Free Now Ireland Portal

The Free Now Ireland portal can help you to Book a taxi in Ireland

Looking for a taxi in Ireland? You can book and pay for taxi journeys easily in the FREE NOW app.


Free now driver change bank details

If you’d like to change the bank details which FREENOW uses for your twice-weekly payments, please contact our Drive Care Team.

In your request, please include:

Sort Code
Account Number
Account Name

For security reasons, you will provide the following information before w any changes are made  to your account:

Your date of birth
Your private hire licence badge number

To send the request, please make sure you use the email address registered to your FREENOW Driver account. Your request will not be processed if it is sent from a different email address.

Please double-check your bank details to make sure they are correct. Any errors could lead to your payment being sent to the wrong bank account, and the funds may not be retrieved.

Updating your bank details over the phone is not possible.

Free now driver requirements


To join FREENOW as a taxi driver, you must hold a valid Hackney Carriage License, UK driver’s license and vehicle license.

You are required to provide  a photo of your Hackney Carriage License and driver’s license which must be provided upon registration and updated via the app when necessary. Check out our instructions on how to update your bill/badge on the app.

Your Vehicle licence document are not required, however, it’s your responsibility to ensure your vehicle information is kept up to date on the app.

And More 

Access more on the portal provided above

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