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Lex Autolease Driver portal

Lex Autolease Driver portal


The Lex Autolease driver portal is an online platform provided by Lex Autolease, a leading vehicle leasing and fleet management company in the UK. The driver portal allows drivers who are using vehicles leased through Lex Autolease to manage various aspects of their lease agreement and vehicle usage.

Through the portal, drivers can access information about their lease agreement, including lease dates, mileage limits, and payment details.

They can also view and download important documents such as insurance certificates and vehicle registration documents.

Furthermore, the portal allows drivers to book vehicle servicing and maintenance appointments, view their service history, and request roadside assistance if needed.

Drivers can also submit mileage reports and expense claims through the portal, making it easier to manage and track business-related expenses.

In addition to these features, the driver portal provides resources and support for drivers, including driver training materials, safety tips, and frequently asked questions.

It also allows drivers to communicate with customer service representatives for any inquiries or issues related to their lease agreement or vehicle.

Overall, the Lex Autolease driver portal offers drivers a convenient and efficient way to manage their leased vehicles and access essential information and support.


Lex Autolease Driver Portal Services

Available ;

Driver Services from Lex Autolease
Running your vehicle

Book a Service and/or Repair

Book an MOT or Check Due Date

Tyre Repair or Replacement

Report an Incident

European Travel Documents

Rent a Vehicle
End of Contract

BVRLA Fair Wear & Tear Guides

Buy my Car
General Services

Tax Calculator

What Car? Reviews

Driver Guide

Order and Delivery of My Vehicle
Services, MOTs and Vehicle Bookings
Vehicle Breakdown Process
Relief and Rental Vehicles
Fines and Penalties

To login

Go to the web Browser and search the Lex Autolease driver portal

Click on it,

Or use the Direct URL Provided below

Log in with by clicking login at the top right corner

Direct Lex Autolease Portal


For security reasons, before providing your login credentials on any portal, kindly check if the site is secured.

You can check by ensuring if the Locker before the URL is closed. Do not Provide your login credential or sensitive information on any website that is not secured.


Do not hesitate to call IT team or the Office for Assistance. the Lex Autolease   IT support and Office contact can be obtained on their official website.

Lex autolease driver helpline

Phone Call Autolease on  on 0800 389 3690



Lex Autolease Limited. Registered office: 25 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7HN Registered in England and Wales with registered number: 1090741 All you seek

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