Here is Why Hayford and Sorry Trumu Trumu is Trending so High Now

Here is Why Hayford and Sorry Trumu Trumu is Trending so High Now

The current buzz in Ghana revolves around the unexpected and unfortunate situation involving a young man named Hayford and his associate, Sorry Trumu Trumu. Initially recognized as a student on the Legon campus, recent revelations indicate otherwise.

A controversial 18+ video featuring Hayford and his friend, Headucator, has gained considerable attention in Ghana, drawing dissatisfaction from many Ghanaian parents. What initially seemed like an intimate encounter between a young man and an elegant lady turned out to be an unexpected twist: an explicit interaction between two males, further intensified by the leakage of sensitive content.

Seeking clarity on the public release of such content, an explanation surfaced from Concra Gh:

According to @GhConcra, Headucator claimed that he and Hayford had agreed on a fee of 1500 cedis to shoot a video for Hayford’s sugar mummy. Headucator traveled to Hayford’s parents’ house for the shoot, with the intention of receiving payment after the sugar mummy settled. However, when Headucator confronted Hayford for the promised payment, a dispute ensued. Hayford allegedly only provided 750 cedis, spreading false information in the process. In retaliation, Headucator decided to make the video public to counter the misinformation.

In response, Hayford has not remained silent. He was seen in multiple videos walking barefooted to Headucator’s residence, demanding a refund for leaking their video. Unfortunately for Hayford, this situation has resulted in a significant loss of followers, and the overall atmosphere is unfavorable.

Concerned individuals have tagged Hon. Sam George, the Lead Member of Parliament on Proper Human Sexual Rights and Ghanaian Family Values, as well as the Ghana Police. Some express fears for Hayford’s well-being in the midst of this controversy.

Here is Why Hayford and Sorry Trumu Trumu is Trending so High Now

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