Live Ghana’s Chef Faila Abdul Razak Guinness World Record cook-a-thon attempt

Live Ghana’s Chef Faila Abdul Razak begins Guinness World Record cook-a-thon attempt

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Ghana’s Chef Faila Abdul Razak has embarked on a Guinness World Record cook-a-thon at the Modern City Hotel in Tamale. Commencing at midnight on January 1st, this culinary marathon is slated to last for five days, showcasing a delectable array of dishes that passersby are encouraged to savor.

Chef Faila’s ambitious goal is to surpass the current record of 119 hours and 57 minutes held by Allan Fisher. Determinedly pushing herself, she aims to cook for an impressive 120 hours or more. Meanwhile, Darcus Mirembe’s record of 144 hours is awaiting validation.

Soldiers stationed nearby have added a lively touch with their spirited “jama,” enhancing the vibrant atmosphere surrounding the event. The enthusiastic support from the Ghanaian community is palpable.

Adhering to specific cookathon rules, Chef Faila ensures at least two items are being prepared simultaneously. While she handles all the cooking herself, a sous-chef assists with prep work, washing up, and maintaining kitchen cleanliness.

A five-minute break is allowed for every continuous hour of activity, which can be accumulated if not taken. These breaks are the only times Chef Faila can use the bathroom or rest during the attempt.

Following a comprehensive 35-item menu guide for each meal, Chef Faila ensures necessary ingredients are available.

The public is invited to enjoy freshly prepared meals, and any remaining food is donated to a charity of her choice.

To ensure well-being during the cook-a-thon, Chef Faila has a medical assistant on standby, ready to check vital signs and provide necessary care. As she strives to set a new record, her dedication and culinary prowess are capturing the attention and support of many.

Live Here 


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