Housing Portal

Housing Portal KSU

Housing Portal KSU

The Kansas State University Housing Portal can be accessed by visiting the university’s website and selecting the ‘MyK-State’ drop-down menu. From there, you can click on the ‘Housing Portal’ option. This will take you to the portal where you can search for housing, apply for housing, and access other information related to your housing account.

Housing Portal KSU

Enter eID and password to have access to the portal.

Visit the Housing and Dining page to explore more

Kansas State University Housing and Dining Portal https://housing.k-state.edu/


Information Technology Services

Residential Portal https://signin.k-state.edu/WebISO/login?service=https://hmsweb.housing.k-state.edu/residentportal/login.asp

Housing  KSU Phone Number

Housing and Dining Services

104 Pittman Building

1531 Mid Campus Dr. North, Manhattan, KS 66506

785-532-6453 | 888-568-5027 | 785-532-6855 fax | [email protected]



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