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How To Calculate Your BECE Results This Year

How To Calculate Your BECE Results

Navigating the process of calculating your BECE results can often pose a challenge for candidates. Here, we present a straightforward guide aimed at assisting you in determining your BECE results accurately.

How to Publish Your BECE Results Calculation:

The calculation of BECE results entails considering the six best subjects from your examination outcomes. This includes the three primary core subjects, namely Mathematics, English, and either Science or Social Studies. Mathematics and English are obligatory among the core subjects, while you can opt for either Science or Social Studies for calculation purposes.

For example, if your BECE exam results are as follows:

Sample Results:

  • English Language: 3
  • Social Studies: 1
  • Religious & Moral Education: 1
  • Mathematics: 2
  • Integrated Science: 2
  • Information & Communication Technology: 2
  • French: 2
  • B.D.T./Home Economics: 1

Calculation of Results:

  1. Begin by totaling the grades of the best core subjects (English, Mathematics, Integrated Science, and Social Studies): => 3 (English) + 2 (Mathematics) + 2 (Integrated Science) + 1 (Social Studies) = 8
  2. Proceed to identify the two best elective subjects (Religious & Moral Education and B.D.T./Home Economics): => 1 (RME) + 1 (B.D.T.) = 2
  3. Combine the grades of the best core subjects with those of the elective subjects: => (3 + 2 + 2 + 1) + (1 + 1) = 10

In this scenario, the aggregate grade obtained from the above results is 10.

This straightforward process allows you to accurately calculate your BECE results, providing clarity and ease in understanding your academic performance.


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