Only 10% of University Graduates in Ghana find jobs in Ghana’s Public Sector

Only 10% of University Graduates in Ghana find jobs in Ghana’s Public Sector annually

In a startling revelation, Dr. Beth Offei-Awuku, President of the Ghana Association of University Administrators, has disclosed that only a meager 10% of Ghana’s university graduates secure jobs within the country’s public sector each year.

This revelation underscores the prevalent issue of graduate unemployment, leaving many recent graduates grappling with a sense of despair.

Dr. Offei-Awuku made this revelation during the national launch of the ‘Raising Next Professionals’ Initiative, where she outlined the initiative’s objectives.

The program aims to introduce public school students to various professions through creative and interactive methods. Additionally, it seeks to provide these students with access to experienced professionals who can offer career guidance within the areas served by Member Universities.

One of the primary goals of the initiative is to restore hope and ambition among pupils while nurturing them to become future leaders, thus breaking the pervasive cycle of graduate unemployment.

Dr. Offei-Awuku further explained that the Association would deploy senior administrators and professionals from public universities to collaborate with public schools, facilitating career-oriented activities, counseling, and mentoring relationships.

This approach aims to bridge the gap between education and employment and offer valuable insights to the younger generation.

Addressing concerns about declining professional ethics and integrity in the country, Dr. Offei-Awuku referenced the Ghana Integrity and Public Survey, which reported that Ghana suffered staggering losses of 5 billion cedis in 2021 due to bribery and various forms of corruption.

This statistic underscores the pressing need for renewed efforts to combat corruption and uphold ethical standards in Ghana.


source; Gbcghanaonline


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