Police has started arresting Tricyle (Pragia) Riders. 2 major things to avoid the arrest…. spotted the Ghana police service arresting some Tricycle Riders(pragia).

These comes as a results of an initiative taken by the government to stop all Tricycles or reduce their operations in the Country.

The Tricycle has been seen as a nuisance in most communities in Ghana today with some causing fatal accidents.

Some people has vowed never to sit in the Tricycle because of their bad experience or experience shared by their friends or loved ones.

In the Cape Coast Metro where saw the incident of the arrest by the police, Some students have lost their lives painfully as a result of  Tricycle.

A letter spotted by from the Cape Coast Metro security Council,  indicates

effective Monday 15th November, 2021.

All Persons below the age of 25 are banned from riding the Tricycle (Pragia).

Unregistered Tricycle(Pragia) and unlicensed Riders are banned from riding

All tricycles are banned from using the main highway

All Tricycle operations must be between the hours of 6:00am and 5:00pm  daily only.


Even with all these, you must obey the following

  1. Must put on a Shoe  and 
  2. Must put on Helmet before you can escape the police.

Others too has expressed concerns about the insane Charges by some Taxi drivers hence preferred the Tricycle.

The government upon hearing these concerns introduced a more safer transport means, mini cars which most people call ”Nana Camboo”.

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