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Today, we will take you through some process in National Service you might not be aware and hence might be duped.

After going through this, you will make an inform decision.

Current NSS registration closes

National Service Scheme nss.gov.gh portal login | All NSS Portal

NSS Releases 2023 Postings What to do Next or if you have issues here is what to do

NSS ‘Flair portal’ to create Employment for Personnel-Details

2022-2023 NSS To Take New Path-Employment


The National Service is a mandatory program for all Tertiary graduates, regardless of the program you offered.

To be enrolled on the program, you must be a Ghanaian who schooled in Ghana or outside the country (Foreign country).

Stages involved in the process

Uploading/ Gathering of students data from the various universities. The Scheme gathers all final year student’s data for further processing. This can be done manually where you the individual will visit the NSS office with the following documents

  1.  Your school certificate
  2. An attestation letter
  3. Your school transcript
  4. Your ID ( Any national ID)
  5. And any other document that may be requested  internally.

The National Service Scheme process these data and generates a unique code for all personnel (PINCODES).

It is not all students that will wish to do the national service the same year  after school hence the need for those who will be doing their service activate their pincodes.

If you don’t activate your pincode you become a defaulter, You can go to the scheme when you are ready for the Pincode to be re-activated for you. This means, Every student has been given a pincode.

To retrieve this Pincode, You need to login to the NSS Portal.

Login to the portal nss.gov.gh 

Select check Pincodes

Enter your index number

Enter your date of birth.

If you enter these correctly, you will have access to your pincode for onward registration.  Some may have different or might have changed their date of birth, it is your date of birth from the school that is in the system, contact the school for your details or login to your school portal to check your details.

You can also visit the NSS portal, there are live chats available for assistance or visit the National Service Scheme for assistance.

After Registration and activation of pincodes, the national service will now process all these data and post personnel according to their qualifications to the various institutions.

Before the posting, The institutions are given a document to request for personnel.

The request entails

Number of personnel needed

The qualification of the personnel or the program offered by the personnel

Number of female

Number of male.

Special Posting

Some institutions can request for the personnel they need base on their qualifications. The various universities can just submit your name to NSS to be posted there.  If you want to work in the University as a service personnel, you need to see the school Administration for  your name to be submitted.

You can go to an institution where you want to do your national service, request for a letter to do the service there, submit the letter together with your NSS number to the NSS Head office and you will be posted there, It is Free.

All institutions are not the same. Subventory institutions, the NSS scheme will have to pay you an allowance, Non- subventory institutions the institution have to pay you your allowance and a percentage to NSS.

You can be posted to such institutions and they will reject you because the number they seek is up to.

Note that, it is not every institution that have the power to give you assurance letter for the special posting.

How to acquire free Reposting

When the National service scheme finishes with the gathered data, they will now release postings of personnel to the various institutions base on their preferred choice of locations chosen.

A pregnant woman who may have been placed far away from the medical doctor or care taker can go for Free reposting to a place very close.

Any one with medical condition will be able to go for free reposting.

You can also go for Free reposting if you have a genuine reason why you should be reposted.

Rejection from the user Agency, If the institution you are posted to rejects you, You can go for free reposting.




NSS ‘Flair portal’ to create Employment for Personnel-Details

There are companies you may never see  open vacancy.

These companies only do internal recruitment, they recruit the national service personnel posted to the company.  You have to work hard and prove yourself to qualify.

Beautiful Companies may not recruit you, some institutions are already over staffed, going there to do service because you know someone there is not advisable, you may end up buying food for the staff for 1 year.

Companies that needs you are the companies that will maintain you, seek those companies. Reposting can be done anytime, If you are in an institution and you feel you are not useful enough request for reposting to a different company.



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