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2024 National Service Scheme nss.gov.gh portal login | All NSS Portal

Here is the National Service Scheme nss.gov.gh portal login.

The Management of National Service Scheme  NSS  has created this Portal  for you to have access to various other portal.

The nss.gov.gh portal login is a direct Portal that makes you login into your dashboard only.

Mostly when we want to change Pin, We want to check our status we still login to nss.gov.gh portal login and would now go and find what we are looking for.

nss.gov.gh portal login

You only login to nss.gov.gh portal login when you have all your credentials and you want to print your monthly evaluation forms, Annual Evaluation Forms, Check if your allowance is paid etc.

NSS Portal Login

The NSS Portal Login However, allows you to have access to all the other NSS Portal and these includes the following

CHECK & PAY FOR PINCODE PORTAL; Click to check your pin code with your school ID or index number, and access the payment options, to commence your enrolment.

INDIVIDUAL APPLICATION FOR PINCODE – INT’L GRADUATES PORTAL; For Graduate of international tertiary institution.

INDIVIDUAL APPLICATION FOR PINCODE – LOCAL GRADUATES  PORTAL; For Graduates from Ghanaian institution prior to the current graduation year.

SIGN IN AS PERSONNEL TO CHECK THIS YEAR & NEXT YEAR POSTING PORTAL;  Click sign in and check where you have been posted for the current service year

ONLINE REGISTRATION – ENROLMENT  PORTAL; Click  to complete your online enrolment to be mobilised for the current service year.

CHECK THIS YEAR  POSTING PORTAL ; Click  to check posting for THIS YEAR Batch service year.

VERIFY NSS CERTIFICATE PORTAL; Click  to verify the authenticity of an NSS certificate

REQUEST NSS CERTIFICATE PORTAL; Click  to request for your NSS certificate to be picked up or delivered to your location of choice.

Check NSS Procedure Document

Click to Sign in / Login


NSS PORTAL ; https://portal.nss.gov.gh/


Sign into nss.gov.gh portal login

To sign in to the nss.gov.gh portal login do the following

Go to your web browser

Search NSS Sign Portal

Check and be sure you see the NSS logo before clicking

Don’t forget to check if the Site is secured by observing if the before the URL the Key is Locked.

At the Top right Corner the sign in is there, if you are using a phone then click on the menu or the Four horizontal lines at the top right corner and click sign in as a

Sign in as Int’l & Local Applicant

Do Sign in as Personnel

Sign in as institution / user Agency

Provide your user name and password.

Use the Direct Link to Sign in ; https://portal.nss.gov.gh/sign-in

When you forget your login credentials, you can click on loss password to reset.



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